Sunday, January 30, 2011


Beautiful Sunday morning as I headed to church today. No jacket even needed this morning.
It felt good for me to be in church after missing last Sunday with that nasty migraine.
Everyone but #2 son made it to lunch of spaghetti today,he is playing golf. Then with the temperature at 65 we all took a break from our cabin fever and the itch to get our hands dirty and got outside to do some spring chores. This is the warmest day since the last week in November.
Hubbie and #1 son worked on #1 son's driveway,it is very steep and has been very muddy as all the snow and scraping took all the gravel off.
D-in-love went to a Jewelery show at a friends house.
Daughter,g-son and I started cleaning and pruning bushes around her apartment.
She used g-son to weight the clippings down in the wheelbarrow.He was just enjoying the rides.It was amazing how many vegetables she got out of this raised garden last summer.We left some herbs that hopefully will come back.

Daughter has been wanting some log tables for a long time and when Hubbie and #1 son got his drive finished they started cleaning up around their new shop and uncovered a large maple log.With chainsaw in hand.....2 tables took shape...This multi level table is my favorite.
They were put in the shed to dry out before daughter can go to work on them,can't wait to see them finished.All my feathered flock sure enjoyed the warm sunshine today.
As the shadows lengthened our afternoon ended with all of us resting outside.G-son is still weak from his recent sickness and it showed as he sat in this chair and rested with the rest of us. Sadie wants to be his best friend !
After the sunshine went away I reluctantly came inside not knowing when there would be another day such as this I hated to see it end.
A relaxing evening felt good after the work I did today.
Hopefully the rain will hold off tomorrow long enough for me to get my garden shed cleaned out so I can move my canning jars and some other things from Hubbie's old shop into it.
Thanking God for a wonderful Lord's day.
Good Night and God Bless.


Gail said...

We, too, were blessed with a beautiful day. It was a pure joy to have sunshine and warmth.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

No rain here yet today, Marilyn... We are supposed to get lots of WIND though...

We too had the warm temperatures and sunshine this past weekend... Guess it is a Spring TEASE... I'm sure --since it is still January---that Winter is NOT over yet... Sigh!!!!

Glad your grandson is feeling better.

Have a great Monday.