Thursday, January 27, 2011


What a beautiful morning,still a bit cool 33 but bright sunshine will warm it up in a hurry.
I wish I could take a walk this morning instead of sitting in my office doing weekly paperwork !
I got things organized and headed out about 10:45 with my to do list in hand.
A smooth errand journey allowed time to come home for lunch so I could give my teeth a good brushing before heading down the mountain to the dentist.This day just got more beautiful and warmer 48 degrees now.
Oh what a beautiful blue sky. It's days like this to break up the bad winter that help make it easier to get through the cold snowy days.
Ice still clings to the rocks on the side on the road creating huge icicles.It will take many sunny warm days to melt all this .
The dentist appointment went well, he did a little grinding to give me a better fit on my upper denture and took a mold of my lower teeth to make me a new partial.
The only bad thing, he is using my old partial bed for the new partial so that means I eat soft food until Tuesday.
I made a couple stops on the way home,one at the grocery store for baking supplies and made two Avon deliveries.
As I turned off the interstate and neared our farm I couldn't help but notice the distinct reminders of winter.

Apple trees take on leafless ghostly forms .And the bare brown fields serve as vivid reminders that we still have a lot of winter left.
The first day of spring is on March 20, so that gives us about 50 more days of winter !!!!

I've decided to leave my Avon website up for a while and just sell off it after one more campaign. I've done this at the request of some customers who can't find another Avon lady near by. I've also added a link to this blog if anyone should want to place an order.
There is always a free shipping coupon and Avon ships your products directly to your home.
I don't make much commission but as long as I have at least one order per campaign it doesn't cost me anything.
As I sat in the living room waiting for it to get dark enough for all the chickens to go in their houses to roost I watched these little Wrens go into their night time hide out. I saw the first one go in and then she stuck her head out to watch for the other one. Then the coconut bird house rocked back and forth with the motion of them settling down.
I had gotten my camera hoping to catch the head sticking out of the hole but it never did again.I decided to step out on the porch and see if I could see in the hole.With the use of my telephoto lens and flash as it was getting pretty dark I snapped a picture of the 2 of them all snuggled up.The flash of light got this ones attention but just for a second as he put his head back down and settled in for another cold night. These are a pair of Carolina Wrens, these birds pair for life so I'm curious to see if they nest in this coconut house or if this is the same pair that raised 2 broods in a little house in the back yard last summer.
Or maybe that pair is sleeping in that house ???
I'm just glad to know that I'm helping these little guys survive this cold winter.How cool !

After shutting up my dogs and chickens we had supper of soup and steamed broccoli.
Daughter came in later and made a pasta salad with some of her homemade pesto from her fresh basil last summer and I had to have a small bowl of that,yummmmm !!!

Hubbie and I watched a Duke/Boston College b-ball game ,Duke won and then I did some baking for market.
Another nice day predicted for tomorrow maybe a morning walk will be possible.
Praying tonight for g-son as he has a stomach virus for the first time in his little life and is refusing to drink for fear of throwing up again.
Good Night and God Bless.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Marilyn, Sounds like you all missed the last big snow storm... We also missed it --except for about 1/2 an inch. We've had alot of little snows this winter, but still haven't had a big, pretty one (one that clings to everything)... Speaking of that, I LOVE your header... Gorgeous!!!!!

We went to Hendersonville (TN) yesterday to check on G's parents.. They are doing FAIR.

Have a good day.

Country Mouse Studio said...

I'm jealous of your nice weather. wonderful capture of the little wrens. hope your g-son is better.