Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Still no internet ,this is another back dated post.
No snow falling this morning at least but the temperature is still in the upper 20's and apt to stay that way for at least a couple more days.
As I finished up my morning chores I heard the tractor start,Hubbie who took another snow day off from work was getting ready to scrap the drive again as it is back full of snow even after son's scraping yesterday.
The snow was a powdery type snow but it has packed down into a slick hard pack with some sleet that fell last night. I watched the tractor spin all over the place but never got through all the snow.
The DOT is having the same problem as the road by our house still looks like a sled run this morning.
It's a good thing #2 son has a jeep as the mail has to be delivered so he has to go no matter how deep the snow gets.
More cleaning for me today between laundry loads. Daughter is cleaning her apartment and that means some extra laundry to do.
I got both bathrooms cleaned and re-organized today along with some outside time.
When it got above freezing, a balmy 33 degrees, G-son came over to sled while his mom and dad went to Asheville. His dad went to see his new ankle doctor and his mom went to work.
Aunt T loves to sled with her nephew and I'd say he loves to do about anything with his Aunt.
I'm not saying she spoils him or anything !!!!!!
This has the look of a major snowball fight.
Pawpaw even got in on the sledding.
Gonna have to build a bigger stopping slope for this much weight!

G-son ask if we could build a snow house so the construction commenced !!The finished product was just his size !!!
Can you tell he likes his igloo !!
That was hard work but it was sure worth it to see that smiling face.
Daughter took some pictures to work with her and sent them into the local TV station so they can put it in their snow pictures for the day.

After a cold afternoon of snow play it was good to come inside and warm up with some hot chocolate with marshmallows on top.
We cooked a big spaghetti supper for everyone tonight and had a nice visit with the whole family.
#1 son is going to have his ankle surgery the first week in February,thankfully it will be laparoscopic surgery as an out patient. We pray this will be all there is to it !
They are going to divide a tendon and reattach it to the side of his foot where he has no feeling or movement.
Then in about 3 months when this is completely healed he will have his knee re-broke and re-set correctly.That will be a major surgery with at least a 3 month healing time.
He likes this new doctor and even the nurses at his old doctors office told him they were glad he got a new doctor!
He has a remarkably good attitude about all this,much better than I think I would have. I think I would have a whole lot more bitterness about the situation than he has. I'm thankful for his positive attitude and I pray that these surgeries will get him out of the pain he is continually in.
After everyone left I worked on year end figures,trying to get a head start on them and getting all my business records set up for the new year.
Hubbie has decided to stay home again tomorrow hoping maybe things will ease up some.It is still snowing tonight with a temperature of 25 at midnight.
Thankful tonight for God's protective hand on son as he deals with more surgery.
Good Night and God Bless.

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Betsy from Tennessee said...

Terrible that you still don't have an internet, Marilyn... Hope they get it fixed soon...

We have been lucky here during all of the snow and cold temps. We haven't lost electricity nor phone nor internet (we have DSL with our phone company, Frontier).. The only thing which went out for awhile was our satellite dish... It iced up ---so George climbed up on the roof and cleaned it... Other than that, we have been fine... But --even today, we still have about 5-6 inches of snow on the ground...

BUT--we did have some sunshine today--which was the first time in a long time.