Saturday, January 29, 2011


Market day was sunny and warm but the customers evidently had other things to do in the nice weather. Market was slow, I crocheted tops on 4 towels and caught up on my blog readings.
I came straight home from market. Hubbie and #1 son have been working at church on the scheduled workday they had planned. Daughter had 3 ballgames today with her young girls.
When I got unloaded,I thought about sitting out in the sun for a dose of vitamin D but the brisk breeze turned the sunny 60 degrees into a rather cool afternoon.
Hubbie came in shortly and we watched UNC/ NC state B-Ball game on TV, UNC ran away with it.
As I lay watching the game all snuggled with my 4-legged kids it was hard to get up,I felt like a nap,especially since I did not sleep well at all last night with hip pain and on any other Saturday afternoon that would have fit in but not today.
A man Hubbie works with has been in the hospital for several weeks with a pancreas infection and had surgery yesterday to remove a part of his pancreas so Hubbie and the guys where he works decided to host a B-B-Que to benefit his family. They cooked 500 pounds of boston butt yesterday and had baked beans,coleslaw and donated desserts to go with it for $8.00 a plate.
Daughter is babysitting for a friend tonight and g-son got sick again today so d-in-love is staying home with him so both son's went with us and we headed over to one of the middle school cafeteria's to have dinner.
My cousin's have a band called "the old time pickers" and they were providing the entertainment.
So it was double good !!! Excellent B-B-Que and getting to hear them pick and sing some of my favorite old time songs.
It brought back childhood memories of Sunday afternoons when our families got together and there was always music.
This is a picture of our 2 families taken around 1960,I'm standing on the left behind my sitting brother,then my mom, next her sister Gertie Mae,Gert's oldest son Don holding his first baby Pam,Gert's husband Herman with their son Sam in front of him.I am guessing my dad was the photographer.
I remember cousin Sam did not like his picture taken and always acted silly.
This is Sam and his dad in 1966 as Sam turned 16.
Sam's musical talent is mind boggling sometimes. I have heard him play every instrument with strings on it that there is and do it very well. At one time he was offered a job with a big name country singer but turned it down because it would have taken him away from his family.
This is the cover from a tape of one of the groups he was part of for years,that's him on the right with the banjo.
As a minister gospel music has always been tops on his list.
I'm kicking myself tonight for not getting a picture of his newest band while they played. With camera in my purse I left without a single picture,gawwwwww!!!!!!
Although we lost touch with each other for years while we were busy raising out own families after both our mothers died we re-connected several years ago when he came to live on our farm when he and his first wife divorced. He became closer to me than either of my brothers and he would do anything for me. He re-married a dear lady that I loved and she was like a sister to me. While they lived here there was no worry when we vacationed or traveled because they were more than competent to take care of anything that might happen in our absence. Unfortunately this lady developed bone cancer and died several short years after they were married.
Sam then married for the third time to the lady that is his wife now and she is another very nice lady but they live across town in her house and I don't get to see much of him.
Fortunately he works with Hubbie so at least we communicate everyday and keep up with what is going on with each other.

Back home we did chores by flashlight again for the second Saturday in a row.
We had a relaxing evening alone with just the 4-legged kids to keep us company tonight.
At 11:00 tonight it is 38 degrees,tomorrow is supposed to be another beautiful day.
It's hard to believe another month is almost gone and the new year 2011 is now shortened already by a month.
G-son 's doctor had to call him in some anti-nausea medicine tonight. It seems he is hungry and eating but shortly after he eats,no matter what it is, it comes back up. He has no energy and we worry about dehydration with all the vomiting. Hopefully the meds will work, he has slept all evening after taking his first dose, but he did eat before he took it and hasn't thrown up again.Bless his little heart !!!
Thanking God for the blessing s of today and asking for His intervention into the life of the man who has the infected pancreas and also sending up prayers for g-son.
Good Night and God Bless.


Gail said...

It is so wonderful to read all the good things.

Enjoy the weather, I've heard rumors we are headed for more nasty stuff.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

HI Marilyn, Sounds like you all had a great Saturday. That BBQ sounds yummy --and what a great cause. Hope you made alot of money for your hubby's friend in the hospital...

Hope you little grandson feels better soon. AND--I hope that bug doesn't travel around the family...

Sounds like your cousin Sam is a very talented man... Glad you still keep in touch.