Sunday, January 9, 2011


Well to say the least this has been an interesting 5 days ! My DSL internet service went down Saturday night and just now afternoon on Thursday came back on. I have lost all confidence in AT&T DSL service. When we called the service line all we heard was that it was a network problem and they were working to resolve it. What really topped the cake was when my d-in-love called and got to talk to someone, first they blamed the weather, she told him our internet service went out long before the storm got to our area,then he said he meant that with all the utilities out it was hard to get to it to work on it, she said there is no power or phone outages around our area, to that he replied he meant that the parts to fix the problem had been ordered UPS and they were all stacked up, to that she gave up arguing with him !!!!!!!
Anyway I've been missing my blog and reading my friends blogs as well,so it is going to take me awhile to catch up.
I'm going to back date my daily blog post so for future reference they will be in order.

Church was uplifting this morning with a sermon on the importance of each partners roles in the commitment.
D-in-love played a solo of "I'll Fly Away" on her violin and had everyone's toes tapping.
Everyone made it to lunch and then we all scattered on different task to get ready for the impending snow storm that is going to start after midnight.
Hubbie and I had to make a run to Tractor Supply for extra animal feed and stopped on the way home for extra kerosene and gas in case the power goes off.
#1 son's family went grocery shopping ,he said most of the shelves were bare !
#2 son needed extra dog food and daughter had to go to work this evening.
Back home everyone is ready,I'm hoping it won't be as bad as the weather wizards are predicting but we always get ready for the worst and hope for the best.
This is our pasture after yesterday's dusting of snow.
I have a feeling we won't be seeing grass for a while !!
Watched a Duke b-ball game tonight and relaxed.
Nothing falling yet at 11:30 as I head for bed.
Giving everything to God this evening,I'm so glad He is in control.
Good Night and God Bless.

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Betsy from Tennessee said...

Glad to hear from you Marilyn.... I was beginning to worry!!!! We had that big storm --but ours came in spurts (like the Christmas snow did)... It started snowing here Sunday night ---and then snowed off and on UNTIL TODAY. We have been house-bound all week--but today, the sun finally came out... It's still too cold to melt much of our snow---but the sun and blue skies was nice...

Hope you made it through the week.