Friday, January 21, 2011


Up and at it early this morning in the cold low 20's.
After chores were finished I came inside for breakfast and watched the birds feeding frenzy in the back yard while I ate.
Then I iced caramel and coconut cakes for market tomorrow.
After a lunch of salad and cheese crackers I headed out to the Fedex place to send the old verizon phone back since my new one is doing fine.
Then I went to work at church for the afternoon.
#1 son called and said when I get home g-son wants to stay with me while he finishes up some of his woodwork projects and gets them ready for market tomorrow.
G-son wanted to dance again so that was my exercise session for the day.
When Hubbie got home we took turns inside with g-son and doing our evening chores as it is too cold to take him outside.
I took some pictures with the small camera today and am disappointed with the results.
My wrapped cakes out on the sunroom table.
Inside church .
These were not as clear as I'm used too and I tried the 4X zoom out tonight and that turned out terrible.A couple outside pics I took were clear on one side and blurry on the other ?????
Yea! think I'll go back and read the rest of the manual,but maybe just maybe , that old saying you get what you pay for might come into play here !!!!
Guess I'll be digging my Fuji out of my purse for anything I really want to get a quick picture of and use my big Cannon here at home.(Cannon camera that is)

After Hubbie and I made a trip back to finish church work tonight I am getting my late Avon orders ready for delivery and pick-up.
I'm over $3,000 off course for the Presidents Club status I've enjoyed for years. I have until the end of March to catch up and I don't see that happening.
Daughter is baking tonight, she has more confidence in business tomorrow than I do,so I hope she is right.
Watching the news tonight,the headlines were about the Bank of Asheville shutting down because of bad debts. Thank goodness for FDIC which has taken over all their customers accounts through another bank. They also said a bank in SC has closed because of the same reasons.
This leads me to believe that things are a whole lot worse in our economy than the government would like us to know. I just don't see things getting any better as they are saying and when banks start failing, well that's just not a good thing.
I remember hearing the stories my dad used to tell about the depression and how it got started. When you think about how many more people there are now than there were back then and how morals have changed this country would surely be in big trouble going through another depression.
Only God truly knows the how and why and He's in control and as for me I feel totally at peace with whatever outcome He chooses.
At midnight it is 24 degrees ,headed for the mid teens tonight they say.
Good Night and God Bless.


Gail said...

I agree...we are headed for some hard times.

Thank goodness, you and I and our families are trained to get by...many will not be so lucky.

Rita said...

Like you so thankful that through the years we learned one thing after another to teach us to get by. So we can and we will be ok. I don't see others watching us and following along. That's what I did I watched to see how others saved and learned a lot. Best to you with cake sales tomorrow they always look so good.