Sunday, January 2, 2011


Had a very nice church service today,noticed a lot of new faces. Maybe the people that made going to church one of their resolutions will follow through with it.
We always get several large poinsetta's to decorate the front of the church and we give them away afterwards. Today Hubbie and I stayed and picked up all the leaves from them after they were all carried out. The red bracts will stain the carpet if they are stepped on.
We had the left overs from yesterday's New Years meal for lunch today and everyone made it to lunch.
After we ate Hubbie, #1 son and #2 son cut and loaded a box full of firewood for the neighbor that lost his wife on Christmas day as he told Hubbie this morning that he only had 7 sticks of wood left. Maybe God will forgive them for that kind of work on Sunday.
Hubbie and #1 son had a Deacon's meeting at 3:00 but there is no evening service tonight.
Hubbie helped #2 son get the tree that fell at his house off his fence when he got back from the meeting. #2 son has had to work everyday since it fell and is scheduled to work all this coming week but he wanted to get the tree cut off the fence before it snowed on it and made it heavy enough to crush the fence rails.
D-in-love ran some errands , daughter went to work at Fatz,she is putting her notice in today,it is just getting to be to much for her to try to keep up with everything.
G-son and I just spent the afternoon hanging out. I got out a talking wreath and he had a blast walking in front of the motion activator to make it talk. I laughed so hard watching him try not to jump each time the voice came on and shouted "hey". He kept saying "I'm not gonna freak out this time" but he always jumped,it was hilarious to watch.
This new year started out with the news that we are expecting our family to grow by at least one more member this year.
This lovely couple is my nephew and his bride who were married in June,they surprised Hubbie's brother with a sonogram of their unborn baby on Christmas day. She is due in August.
It hasn't been to long ago when bro-in-law said he'd probably never have a grandbaby,now he has 2.

I watched Carolina b-ball game this evening,they won big again.This is kinda what I felt like this evening outside doing chores,I have been wearing my snow boots up to the chicken lots because the ground is so muddy and slick. I was hoping we would get enough hard rain to settle the mud but that didn't happen. At least tomorrow morning it will be frozen mud anyway. The temperature is supposed to be in the teens in the morning. You could feel the definite change in the air this evening as a cold front moved in,it dropped from near 50 to near 40 within an hour. The older I get the more I like the warm weather and just like staying inside when it is cold. It seems to take so much more energy to keep warm outside now than it used to. Maybe I'm just not used to it but brrrrrr and I've always been an outside lover no matter what the weather and never understood all the people who head south in the winter,but with each year of age I relate more to the so called snowbirds migration south at the first frost in October.

Have a busy day tomorrow,have to call my dentist early to find out what is going on down there, they were supposed to call me to come in on the Tuesday or Wednesday before Christmas but they didn't call and last week no call so I figured they were closed for the holidays but on Saturday I got a bill in the mail from them for the completed total of the work they are just starting so I have no idea what is going on now. Why can't anything be simple?????
Then there is a trip to the bank and I need a new 2011 appointment book from Staples, I need to stop at a neighbor's pasture and look at a calf she wants to sell us,not to mention the cleaning and un-decorating that needs to get started tomorrow. I'm tired already !!
Thanking God for the strength He will give me to do what I need to get done and He will will be beside me graciously guiding me.
Good Night and God Bless.

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Betsy from Tennessee said...

HI Marilyn, We have a gorgeous, sunny day here --but it was cold early this morning (in the teens)... Now--it's up to 39.....(Heat wave)... ha ha

That was so nice of your hubby and son to take some wood to the man who lost his wife. Hope he is okay by himself. Does he have family nearby?

Hope you get your dentist work and money straightened out...

Today is my day to begin un-decorating our Christmas...

Have a great day.