Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Spent the morning finishing dusting and cleaning the floors I didn't get to yesterday. I made my own floor cleaner and it works so much better than anything I have bought. We have the laminate flooring and some of the commercial cleaners I've used have put a build up on the flooring, dulling it. So to cut through the gunk I mixed a potion of my own.
I mix equal parts of : White vinegar
Rubbing alcohol
Add to this a small amount of dishwashing liquid ( if I use a cup each of the above I add 1 teaspoon)

I spray this on the floor and use a dry swiffer mop ,I clean about a 3 foot square section at a time. It works great and after several years of building up gunk, just after 3 uses I can tell it is cutting through to reveal the shine my laminate had when I first put it down.
One warning, it does give your house a weird vinegary/alcohol smell for a few minutes but the floors are squeaky clean.
It's amazing what vinegar can be used for ,the web site called is well worth a visit.

After my cleaning and lunch I headed to Asheville to exchange the rugs.
Found a beautiful match in a 8 foot round rug and even got a credit after the exchange.
I also went across the street to K-Mart and happened upon a wonderful washable narrow runner and door mat the matches. Ahhh Success !!!!!!!!!
Pictures will be later as it was too dark by the time Hubbie got time to help me get them out of the van.
Being on the last bag of my favorite spice blend drink mix that I put in my green tea I drove over to the Biltmore House Gatehouse to pick some up after my rug pruchases.Driving through the Biltmore Estate is always nice even in winter. You can see the snow covered mountains in the back ground.

To be on I-40 and see this little traffic is unheard of,I guess everyone is out of money this time of year and choose to stay home.Middle of January with Christmas decorations still up, maybe they are like my g-son, when he sees snow he thinks it's Christmas again !! There was quite a bit of snow still around.And I didn't know about the wine tasting until I just posted this picture, darn it !!

Back home around 4:00 ,#1 son brought g-son by while he worked on some crafts in the shop. G-son and I took shovels,hoes and rakes down the muddy drive way to try and get some of the scraped off gravel back on at least in the really bad spots.
While I shoveled gravel, g-son hoed snow !!
We worked until Hubbie got home and helped us with the last load. We let g-son use the hoe to knock down what was left of his snow igloo, he had more fun tearing it down than he did building it.
He was so muddy and wet we had to strip him outside before we brought him inside.
I fixed him some chicken fries and chocolate milk and got him some dry clothes.
His mom and dad were going to a Bible study class tonight and he was excited to get to go play with his friends in the nursery.
Hubbie and I finished the outside chores and ate a light steamable supper.
I was planning on cleaning my canning supply cabinet out tonight but with all that shoveling today I think that cabinet can wait.
I usually have the house all re-organized and deep cleaned in the month of January but with only 1 more week to go I'm not sure I'm not going to be behind this year.
With dentist , doctor, and other appointments on days that should have been all day cleaning days I've lost a lot of time this year.
Now I need to call the dentist back tomorrow,there is one spot on my new denture that needs some attention, I kept hoping it would correct itself when I got used to them but it isn't happening.
I have to go into town tomorrow anyway,but that's the bad thing about this new dentist ,he is in the next county south of here,about a 20 minute drive down the mountain.
At least it looks like Saturday will be a market day now as they say the snow will be mostly north of us,at least that's what they say !I'm gonna quit complaining about the snow here. I could be this guy. This picture was taken last week in a place called Max Patch in Madison County which is only about a 35 minute drive north from here !
There has been snow on the ground there since Thanksgiving.
Tonight I'm enjoying the quite in the house as every one else is already in bed.Dolly in her bed beside the computer........
And Bernie on the couch rest peacefully awaiting their last outing of the night before heading to the bed where Dolly will scoot under the covers and Bernie will nestle down at the foot on top of the covers . They both need haircuts but I hate to cut their warm fur off while it is so cold. They love their sweaters even with their long hair.
Listening to the news tonight and then heading to bed so as to get an early start in the morning.
God is so gracious and good, what would I do without Him? Thankfully I'll never have to find out !!!!!
Good Night and God Bless.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Marilyn, Glad you got your rugs exchanged and found a washable one to use as the runner.

I'll have to check with the Biltmore House Gatehouse the next time we are there --and get some of your Wassail spice blend drink. Sounds delicious.

Wow---that's a bunch of snow in Madison County... We are supposed to get some tomorrow night--but not too much I don't think.

As soon as you get your driveway fixed, you'll have another huge snow!!!! Yipes!!!

Have a good day tomorrow.

Ardith said...

I don't know where you get all your energy........but then you are younger than I! :) Can't wait to try the floor cleaning solution; I've noticed my kitchen laminate looking dull and didn't know what to use. Thanks.
Take care and God Bless,
Ardith of Green Country

Julie Harward said...

I love vinegar, it can be used in so many ways. I use it to clean my hardwood floors and it is awesome!
Love the pic of him buried in the snow, we don't even have any yet! The dogs look so cute in the little coats and beds! :D

Country Mouse Studio said...

thanks for the recipe, I always try to stay away from the commercial stuff, (too many allergies) so I will try this