Monday, January 17, 2011


An early start to a busy day for both Hubbie and I.
Hubbie took my van to get it inspected so I can order my tag on-line and save the line standing time at the local tag office. He was doing this on his way to get a haircut.
While he was gone I did the morning chores and finished cleaning the sunroom while making a final decision on the new rugs.
I still am in love with these rugs as the design and colors on them is unbelievably close to the design on my furniture out there.
But with a little more thought about how I can arrange things a little differently I've decided that this round rug under the table should be bigger.
This one is 6 foot in diameter, I need and 8 foot diameter rug so the chairs when pushed back will stay on the rug. I have 7 days to exchange it so probably Wednesday I'll make a trip back over to Rug and Home.

After Hubbie brought my van home,#1 son picked him up and they along with g-son took some old copper pipe and wire that came out of our house last year to Asheville to the metal buyers and then made another stop at a hobby supply shop.
I had a dentist appointment at 2:30 and went early to pay my favorite 2 thrift shops a visit. Didn't find much today,only 1 jacket for church and a few things for son to use in his wind chimes.
The dentist visit went well, this is my new smile.
My teeth were always soft while I grew up and a car accident in my mid-teens loosened all my front teeth. They were crowned or back then it was called capping.
The dentist that did the work apparently did a lousy job as in just a few years my teeth decayed under the crowns so I had no choice but to get partials.
Then in my early 20's another car accident in which I took a bite out of the dash,(no seatbelt laws back then) destroyed my upper partial along with most of my upper teeth which led to a full upper denture.
Another lousy dentist choice led to the teeth falling out of this denture in my late 20's.
By now you know I have a very healthy dislike for dental professionals !!
I had a new denture made by a new dentist who had questionable moral ethics as after his wife helped get his business going he divorced her and married one of his dental assistants , but apparently was a pretty good dentist because that is the same plate I've been wearing and now after 30 years it is just worn out. The teeth are worn down and yellowed so it was time for another dentist choice.
So far so good with this new guy,he seems very caring and determined to make things right. The plate I picked up today fits even snugger than the old one so I'm a happy camper so far.
Next is new teeth in my lower back partial,but he won't do that until I'm sure I'm comfortable with these in at least a week.
G-son was here when I got home and he and I spent the afternoon playing while his daddy and paw paw worked outside.
It is a cloudy raw day out there,the thermometer says 38 but it feels colder because of the dampness.
His mom picked him up after work and then I went out and did chores as the snowflakes started to fall,oh great !!
After Hubbie and I had supper we had a visit from my cousin Mike ,he only stayed about an hour and when he opened the door to go out the ground was white with snow and sleet. The temperature is still 35 at 11:30 so maybe it won't freeze on the roads.
After missing the entire week last week I'm sure school officials are keeping a vigilant eye on the white roads.This week doesn't look to conducive to a full week of school from here to me, oh well maybe the weather wizards will be wrong,it has happened before !!!!
Thankful tonight for the blessings of a safe driving day.
Good Night and God Bless.


Gail said...

Love your smile!

Good luck with the weather and stay warm.

Irony...the word verification in deneste, very similiar to dentist.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Marilyn, Your teeth look great. I hope you like the new dentist. I have always had trouble finding a dentist I liked too...

We got no rain nor snow yesterday.. Woke up this morning to a little rain --but not much. They say we may get snow on Thurs.

Love the new rugs--but I agree that the one under the table should be larger. The rugs fit perfectly in that room.

Have a great day today.

Country Mouse Studio said...

That is a beautiful room with so many windows, your teeth look perfect