Thursday, January 6, 2011


Thankfully this is all that the overnight snowfall left for our area this morning.
Just a few ice pellets scattered on the ground in the 35 degrees as I started my walk this morning.
Almost clear skies early before the clouds moved in with tonight's snow predictions.
After my walk I did paperwork and payed bills along with bagging Avon orders before lunch.
Hubbie came in at lunch and said he needed me to go with him to pick up a load of hay.
So I guess my errand trip to town can wait awhile.
The hay was up on the mountain not far from our house and there was more snow up there.
Almost unloaded,no wonder he needed me to go with him !!! (someone has to take pictures) ,hahahaha !!!! I hear him laughing now !!!

I did get to town and got all my errands done by chore time this evening.

Last week during the snow I enjoyed my back yard birds as they crowed the feeders for seeds while the snow covered every other food supply.
Here are a few of my favorites..... I have an abundance of Cardinals at my house and they always are very agreeable to posing for the camera.

Click on these pictures and admire the beauty our Lord provides for our viewing pleasure.
There were many other birds in the yard and I have many more photos to post later.
Maybe I'll get them published before the next snow storm hits !!! Guess I'd better hurry!

Tonight's snow according to our weather wizards is suppose to stay north of us,only morning's light will tell !!The setting sun out my living room window.
Had a relaxed evening again,I think I could get used to these and maybe I should !!
Thanking the Lord tonight for the blessings He gives me everyday.
Good Night and God Bless.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Good Morning Marilyn, We woke up to more snow this morning... So far, it's not much--but they say we'll get more off and on the next several days.

Great bird pictures... My birds are going crazy this morning at the feeders. They love our new heated birdbath also.

Glad you got your hay--during a time of not-so-bad weather.... One never knows about the weather from one day to the next, do they???? ha

Love your sky/sunset.

Grace on the Narrow Path said...

We are expecting snow this weekend and in to early Monday. I always check your blog for snow ... it seems it gets there first then over the mountain to me. LOL.
LOVE the red bird in the snow pictures.

Gail said...

Beautiful to look at but I hope the only snow I see this year is in pictures.