Tuesday, January 25, 2011


While I was outside this morning sleet pellets started hitting me and I thought oh no the weather wizards may be wrong.
I came inside and started laundry and my Tuesday housecleaning and soon as I washed the bay window in the living room I noticed the sleet had indeed turned to liquid rain.
I spent the morning doing 3 loads of laundry while cleaning bathrooms washing mirrors and windows and dusting.
After lunch it was another trip to my OBGYN for more consultation and to try a surgery avoiding mechanism.
As I drove over to Asheville I kept looking at the thermometer in my van bounce back and forth between 33 and 34 degrees. With all this water on the roads this is a borderline temperature for sure.
I'm just not ready for major surgery yet and he didn't push it. The alternative looks positive but we have to order an exact fit for me and it'll take about 10 days to get it.
Then back to see doc again.
After a 2 hour trial period if this works like it seemed it would today in the office I'll have only the wonderful grace of the good Lord to thank.
On the drive home it was still the same temperature and the rain was harder and the fog was starting to cover the mountain tops.
These are the mountains between my house and Asheville,we pass over them through Terry's Gap where the elevation goes up to about 2500 feet and as I watched the thermometer it dropped a couple degrees as I topped the mountain.
Coming down into Fruitland which is the community I live in I noticed movement in a field and saw some wild turkeys searching for left over seed.
As I stopped to get a better picture they decided they were too close to the road.
I hope this was just a large mud clot on this one's foot.
There was a large flock of them slowly being shrouded in the fog,and yes that is still snow in the back ground.
I could only wish I had my big camera with me !
Back home there were 3 more loads of laundry to get done.
After rain soaking chores were finished Hubbie invited #2 son up for a big bowl of pinto beans and corn bread with some left over smoked turkey,mmmmm!!!
Fire in the wood stove sure feels good tonight although the temperature is 38 at 10:00 it is still rainy and so damp feeling with all the fog and steam from the snow that is still around.
So grateful for a loving Lord tonight.
Good Night and God Bless


Julie Harward said...

Sounds like a full day...we have flocks of wild turkeys too and we always love to see them. Our temps are about the same. :D

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Glad you have an alternative to your surgery right now, Marilyn, if that is what you want...

Glad you had a safe trip back home. I'm always much more afraid of ice than I am snow.

We had lots of rain during the night here --and now have a little snow... Not much though...(Like I predicted).

Have a good day.. Hope you escape the bad weather today.

Paula said...

Wow~ love the turkey pictures! Haven't seen very many around here this year.
We are having a damp, dreary day too... snow was supposed to come but I think it will miss us this time. (Yay!)

Jean said...

Dang it...you just made me cry. My older sister lived in that area (Asheville/then Weaverville and then Wolf Mountain.)She loved the birds and wildlife. She has passed but I will never forget our special times in those beautiful NC mountains!