Sunday, January 23, 2011


Woke up ,got out of bed and started seeing flashing migraine lights in my left eye,yuck !
With Hubbie and daughter already at church teaching their Sunday school class I stumbled through the chores.
Came back inside called daughter and told her I wouldn't be at church and went back to bed.
I knew if I took anything even Tylenol on an empty stomach I would be dealing with more than a headache so I heated a hot pack in the microwave and tried to relax.
When everyone came in from church I got up with the lights almost gone but still not feeling good and ate some mashed potatoes for lunch.
I decided to take some Tylenol when the lights started creeping back into my line of vision.
I went back to bed and shortly started getting a sick feeling in my stomach. I never really got sick at my stomach but it kept me in bed all evening , at least the migraine visuals were gone.
G-son stayed here while his mom and dad went shopping and he kept "doctoring" me with imaginary thermometers and "medicine guns".
Finally at evening chore time I started to feel better and the fresh outside air felt good even if it was cold,32 degrees.
I had a bowl of chicken noodle soup for supper and although my head feels tender I think I survived another migraine attack.
I used to have these pretty regularly but haven't had one in a long time until last month right before Christmas I had one and now another today. I hope this is not going to be a routine thing again.
With nothing else going on today this is a good night for the January 2001 decade pics.
Many nights this month were spent in the high school gym watching both #2 son who was playing his senior year of basketball and daughter who was on the varsity team in her sophomore year.
Since our house was only about 1 mile from the school I volunteered to fix the girls team a meal before each of their home games, which were usually on Tuesday's and Friday's.
This is her team celebrating their coach's birthday at our house. Daughter is the 2nd from right with hat on.
They won the game that night and the celebrating continues after the game with another cake and it looks like an icing fight.Daughter is #35.
In addition to following the kids we had close to 100 head of beef cattle in several different rented pastures and when it snowed it was an adventure getting to all them to feed everyday. This picture was made from above the barn looking toward our house.
This is #1 son's truck in the snow. He was working at Lowe's and living at home at this time after graduating the spring before.

And that's all for a sickly Sunday for me.
I am thankful to my loving Lord for taking care of me on my sick days as well as all other days.
Good Night and God Bless.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Marilyn, I'm catching up this morning --after taking the weekend off to work on Family History.

Sorry you had a migraine. I had them once in my life ---right before my mother died. I was in a different city and couldn't be with her. The stress was horrible. After she died and was at peace, the migraines went away and I've not had one since. (Knock on wood.)

Glad you enjoyed the Cracker Barrel. We ate there also last night... I had meatloaf, greens, and pinto beans. YUM...


Paula said...

Bless your heart, Honey~ those migraines can be awful.
Love your trip down memory lane... what a beautiful family!