Thursday, January 20, 2011


Got a late start this morning,for some reason my internal clock didn't work so well.
I have an alarm clock that goes off every morning at 8 am and wakes me up. I usually turn it off and lay there for a little while as I'm not a morning person and jumping up quickly just ruins my whole day . I'm usually always dressed by 8:30 and headed to feed hungry animals who have been awake since sunrise. This morning they waited and extra 30 minutes !!The new look ,I like this a whole lot better and they match perfectly.
As you can see it is a bright sun shiny day so far but it is on the cool side with a high of only 42.
I spent the morning in my office doing paperwork and paying bills. I bought a new pocket camera just before Christmas from Avon. It was a $60 deal on sale for $15 so you know me and a deal.I spent at least an hour this morning trying to figure this thing out before complestely giving up.
After lunch I went into town to run errands,today I had to go by the courthouse to list my farm machinery for our business listing. The parking lot was overflowing and I had to drive around it a couple times waiting for someone to leave. They are doing work on a jail and are using one side parking lot for construction parking so all the employees have to use this lot and I'm just glad I don't have much business in there.
I finished all my to do's and got home around 4:30.
G-son's mom had a trip to Walmart to do and he asked to stay here so we danced the evening away. He is so cute and fun. He asked if I would go on a date with him, I said yes and where are we going ,he said to a fancy restaurant and a dance park.
Where in the world did this come from ??? Heaven only knows,but he sure is cute.
When mom came back and I told her we were going on a date she asked him when and he answered in 40 hours !!!
After everyone left I picked up my little camera again and decided to read the manual that came with it. Wow ,what a difference that made,hahaha.
Haven't made any pics with it yet but the reason I got it is so small it will fit in a pocket.And no that's not me in this picture, but you can see by her hand how small the camera is.
I carry my Fuji point and shoot in my purse but by the time I dig it out most of the time the photo time is gone.
I wonder what quality pictures it'll make and I will find out tomorrow.

Back to the baking routine tonight was hard but hopefully the snow tonight isn't going to amount to anything and market will be open Saturday and it will be a nice warm sunny day,which is always good for business. #1 son has several things made to take out there.
Thankful for God's continuous love tonight.
Good Night and God Bless.


Gail said...

I have to remind myself, if all else fails, read the instructions.

Have fun with the new camera.

Country Mouse Studio said...

love your new profile photo and I can't wait to see the photos :O)

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Marilyn, I hate to read the directions also. I just want someone to SHOW me how it works... ha .. Good Luck with the new camera.

Love your new rugs..That room looks great now...

DId you miss all of the fast-moving snow??? We only got about an inch...