Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Yes another back dated post,still no internet for 4th day. I have lost all confidence in AT&T and their supposedly reliable DSL service,ha !! I sure wish we had more internet choices in our area but because it is pretty rural we don't.Ya think they know this !!!!
More snow overnight but just a dusting that actually helped make it less slick this morning.
Another day of cleaning for me,this time in the kitchen. Took down my cup collection along with my old bottle collection and washed all of them.
Cups from all the places I or the kids have been adorn this shelf.
I went through all the cabinets and organized the canned food.
Another day of sledding for g-son and his aunt T.
Playing in the now very hard frozen igloo.
I think he is tired !!!!

Daughter went to get her hair cut this afternoon and g-son rested inside before helping with the evening chores.
It is sunny today but the high temperature was 25 again with the wind starting to blow hard this evening.
Continued my cleaning frenzy tonight but still didn't get the kitchen finished.
Tomorrow will be a getting out day for all of us as Hubbie and daughter go back to work at the school and I need to pay bills and run errands.
Oh joy !!! It's snowing again tonight at 21 degrees at bedtime.
I'm sure glad God is in control.
Good Night and God Bless.


Country Mouse Studio said...

they know how to enjoy it :O)

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Marilyn, I meant to say that I LOVE the igloo... That grandson has alot of fabulous people who love him.

The one bad thing about collections is that they have to be cleaned and dusted often.... We collect waterfalls---so they don't have to be dusted... ha ha