Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Another dreary drizzly morning but I'm glad it's still liquid instead of what the news shows some neighboring counties are getting hammered with snowfall again this morning.
In one of them school opened at 8 am and closed at 8:30 am,what a nightmare!!
After sloshing through chores I sat out in the sunroom,watching the birds enjoy their damp breakfast while I had mine.
I spent the morning vacuuming and cleaning my floors. I have tile in the bath rooms, carpet in one bedroom,laminate with large rugs in the other rooms so I have to use a variety of cleaning tools to get all of them clean.
After lunch I tackled a project I've been thinking about for days.
Most of us have one of these....
This large cabinet looks so neat .........
But open the door and it's a very different story. This is where I keep all my canning supplies along with it seems anything else that happens to be in my hand as I pass by.Now you might wonder how in the world it would take me several hours to cleanout and organize this one cabinet ??
As with any project I tackle along with removing all the stuff , I had to look at all of it especially things I've not seen in a while and in utter confusion of how in the world some of the things like homecoming pictures of my niece which I don't even remember seeing got into a kitchen cabinet????? Along with that I had to clean out and re-organize several other cabinets in order to have a place to put some of the things I took out of this one that belonged somewhere else .
So after taking breaks to do chores I finally got all the kitchen deep cleaning done just in time to clear the table for a supper of leftovers as there surely wasn't room to cook anything this evening.
And that cabinet,well now it has other purposes besides canning supplies and I can tell you exactly what's in there, at least for a little while !!Is it a sign I'm getting old when cleaning out cabinets totally wears me out ?????
The rain finally went away around lunch time today and I did see a few peeks of sunshine before the wind moved in and brought cold temperatures with blowing snow.
At 10:30 the temperature is 31 but the chill factor is in the low 20's.
Hubbie and I watched a UNC / Miami b-ball game tonight, UNC eeked out another
I'm going to have a busy day tomorrow as well as regular errands I have several Avon orders to deliver and also have a dentist appointment at 2:00. I need to get an early start for sure. I hope there isn't any ice on the roads in the morning.
While I cleaned I ran across some Guardian Angel visor clips I bought and gave to the kids when they started driving. It said never drive faster than your guardian angel can fly.
I also found another saying that comforted me that I'll end with tonight.
Good Night and God Bless.

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Betsy from Tennessee said...

HI, I'm sure it feels good to clean up one of those catch-all cabinets.. We have a catch-all drawer --and I need to organize it and clean it out...