Friday, January 7, 2011


Early start to this morning ,had to have Dolly at the vet at 9 am. Her eyes have been mattering shut for a while now and seem to be getting worse.
The doc didn't know exactly what her problem is but said she definitely has an eye problem. Her pupils do not react to bright light and she appears to have no eyelids but her vision is good and her tear making is normal. If there was a pet opthomologist in the area she would send her there but since there isn't one anywhere close we decided for the time being to put antibiotic ointment in her eyes as she needs it and see what happens for a little while. Dolly was the runt of her litter and has several problems including seizures ,allergies and bad hips ,but she is the sweetest dog I've ever owned so I just want her painfree, right now she is sleeping soundly in her bed beside the computer as if she doesn't have a care in the world.

When I got back from the vet with the skies starting to cloud up I decided to go work at church this morning instead of waiting.
I got home for a late lunch and found #1 son and g-son here having a late lunch also,they had been to Lowes.

We looked through some wood work patterns and other things for #1 son to make to sell for extra money.
While g-son stayed inside with me he worked in he and hubbie's new shop this afternoon and made 3 spoon and fork wind chimes. Daughter had bought me one years ago and I had picked up some old silverware thinking I would make some of the chimes but never had time.
They have a really pretty sound, a tinkling sweet musical tone. I think they will sell but probably not tomorrow as I doubt that we even open market tomorrow.
I have one cake order and she will pick it up here if market is closed.
There is almost an inch of snow on the ground now and it has stopped for the time being but the temperature is dropping and is supposed to be 25 tonight and then start snowing again about 9 in the morning with high's tomorrow only 30.
G-son had a birthday party to go to tonight and they made it home before the snow started sticking to the roads.
I worked on my picture organization for a while tonight along with baking and icing cakes.
Here are more of my bird pictures from the Christmas snow.....This White Throat Sparrow seems frozen in time.
This little Sparrow looks comfortable in it's snow nest.
Red-Bellied Woodpeckers love suet.
The Chickadees hardly noticed the snow as they flitted from tree to feeder.
Something has this little Gold-Finch's attention beside the seed in the feeder.
Coming in for a landing is this Tufted Titmouse.
A Blue Jay strikes a cold pose.
Cold feet !!!!!

I still have one more bird post from the last snow storm before the next one gets here.

The "big one" is how the weather wizards are describing the snow storm coming Monday.
Wow, wonder what happen to those same weather wizards mild winter predictions and this very one said there is no way this winter will be as bad as last year's.
They didn't see all those acorns that covered the ground so deep that we were actually rolling down on them and how about all those little squirrels that picked up every walnut as it fell to the ground last fall .
No way nature's signs could over rule what modern technical weather gatherer's predicted,uh- uh no way !!!!!!!!!!!
Thanking God tonight for the blessings of the day and for the graciousness coming tomorrow.
Good Night and God Bless.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Good Morning Marilyn, What is No. 1 son's situation with his leg these days? Can he go back to work? Is he on disability? Unemployment? I'm sure it's hard for them --no matter what.. Glad you can help them some.

Cute pictures of your birds and the snow. We have about 1.5 inches of snow today -with more to come Mon/Tues. It has been a snowy winter so far, hasn't it???? My birds are enjoying the feeders this morning --and the new birdbath.

Hope your little Dolly is going to be okay... Hope the antibiotic helps her.

Hope you have a great weekend... Stay SAFE and WARM.

Gail said...

Great pictures.

I have noticed this year, the cattle and horses aren't so hairy. I am hoping that means not so cold.

That shop is a gold mine, not only do they have a place to work outta the cold, but it is quieter in the house, I bet.

Stay warm and safe.