Saturday, January 22, 2011


Off to market this morning early. Daughter went with us and #1 son brought his wind chimes and wood craft things out a little later. G-son came with him and enjoyed running around and investigating in the almost empty market.
We ended up doing better than I expected anyway and I took 1 of son's wind chimes to show a lady at a bread and breakfast that buys from me and she bought it so everyone sold something at least.
After I left the B&B I stopped at a thrift shop that had just moved into a new building where a friend of mine volunteers every Saturday as cashier and visited with her and got son some more silver ware that they had in the back.
I stopped by staples and finally got me an external hard drive to store things off my computer which is acting like it is getting ready to bite the bullet.
At unknown times it will just black out and and a screen will come up saying it is going into stand by mode , then it blacks completely out for a minute and then comes back up and continues on the same page. Tomorrow I will get d-in-love to show me how to get all my files onto the external drive.
Funny thing when I went into buy it, as I looked over the various choices a young man came over to help and I asked if this was all they had as these were all 500GB which is way more than I need. He said it was all they had, so I said well I might just wait because that was more than the price I saw on the internet. They were on sale from $89 to $79 today but I saw them for $59 on the internet.
He said let me see what I can do and came back and said I could get a $20 rebate on this one making it the same price I had seen it on the internet for.

After getting home and getting the van unloaded I got a short rest before heading out to a family dinner at our favorite place to eat out.Not a single person was rocking on the porch in the 26 degree evening !
We arrived before 6:00, didn't have to wait but just a few minutes,surprising with our 8 member family because they don't have many large tables.
I had my favorite meal of spicy grilled catfish and fried okra.I also had turnip greens which are really good. I was really hungry since I had a ham biscuit for breakfast and some sweet toast for lunch.
It was Hubbie and I's treat tonight as we were using a gift card from Christmas.
Not many places you could go and feed 8 people for what we paid tonight ! Glad we came early because as we left there was a long waiting line !!

Back home we finished chores by flashlight then Hubbie built fires in both wood stoves and we snuggled down for the evening. It is supposed to get into the teens again tonight.
I was looking through January's best pics for the year and found this one which disturbed me.Even though the caption under it said this was in India with cock fighting illegal here I don't think this photo should have qualified to be one of the best for the month.

We are expecting another snow storm beginning sometime Monday and all the weather wizards have different opinions as to how much snow.
Entertaining today to listen to comments by people going through market about what happened to their sunny south location that they had moved into.
When anyone asked me my opinion I tell them if you don't like snow and cold you better go farther south because this is what the weather was like when I grew up here and can get a lot worse !!!!
Thanking God tonight for a wonderful family and the gift of being able to enjoy their company so often.
Good Night and God Bless.

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Gail said...

That catfish is looking good, I can almost smell it!