Friday, January 28, 2011


Another gorgeous morning with temperatures in the upper 30's and plenty of sunshine.
After chores and breakfast I went on my much anticipated walk.
Checking out all the familiar photo spots.
Our creek dressed in it's winter wardrobe of drab.
I love my country life !!
Ice on the farm pond slowly succumbing to the warmer temperatures of the last few days.
A tiny Sparrow catches some rays in the protection of a prickly thicket.
Clouds were hard to find anywhere this morning.
I always stand amazed at the beauty of nature,I try to take my time and soak in all of the gifts God has created for our enjoyment. Even in the dead of winter where the main color is brown there is a quite sense of restfulness that is necessary before the glorious spring show !!

After a refreshing walk, a bit chilly with a breeze blowing, I came back inside to ice cakes.
After lunch I headed to work at church.
G-son came to help today while his dad sold his mini track hoe.
I worked to the beat of a different drum today !!!
All serious musicians scrutinize all the notes they play.
I'm thankful that he feels better today from the stomach virus he's had the last couple days.
After we left church we stopped at Dollar General for some Gater-ade and a "being good while Nena worked" reward.
Back home he ate a waffle and drank some of his blue gater-ade which he later threw up when he got home,oh well maybe that was just the cleansing last sick time.
After evening chores Hubbie and I headed back up to church to finish while daughter did her baking.
Relaxed tonight for a while and visited with daughter and b-friend.
Another spring like day on tap for tomorrow, wow, this is gonna spoil us for sure !!!
Thankful tonight for answered prays.
Good Night and God Bless.

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Gail said...

What wonderful pictures.

So glad the snow is leaving and things are just lifts the spirits.