Saturday, January 15, 2011


This is indeed a strange Saturday for me with no market and a pretty day. Got a couple of cake order calls this morning so I could have sold something today.
Hubbie and I went to work at church as soon as the chores were done.
Back home at lunch we decided to go out for lunch and re-stock our grocery supply.
After lunch at Subway we headed over to Ace hardware to get some sale items they have and daughter met us there after coaching and winning 2 b-ball games this morning.
We stopped at Aldi and Walmart then headed home to put our grocery stock away.
Now we are ready for the next snow !
I worked on finishing the kitchen cleaning this afternoon,got it pretty well done except washing the cabinets.
After chores we fixed steak and potatoes and had a nice supper with daughter and her b-friend.
Then we vegged out for the evening.
Here are a couple pictures from the past week of my feathered friends who gathered around the feeders during the snow.The beautiful little White Throat Sparrow seemed to be contemplating something.
Lady Cardinal puffed against the cold.
All stacked up.

Yesterday in the news there was a poor dog who wondered out on a local small lake and fell through the ice.
He was a large yellow Lab and the lake was Osceola.He appears to know he had better not move around.
It was 7 degrees yesterday morning so there was little time before the poor dog would have froze to death.
Thanks to the local fire dept he will live to see another day but hopefully never try ice skating again !!!!

Looking forward to a blessed Sunday and hoping for a normal week despite the forecast for more winter weather on Monday morning.
Our snow melted a little more today but it is hard for it to do much melting as the temperatures are so cold in the mornings it takes it until noon to get above freezing then as soon as the sun starts going down it drops back below freezing. Maybe tomorrow will be warmer quicker as it is still 28 degrees at 11:30 tonight.
There was still so much ice around all the business's we went to today you have to be so careful not to slip and fall.
Thanking God for His blessings of today and praying for His grace in the days to come.
Good Night and God Bless.


Sue Ellen said...

Love your pictures! Absolutely beautiful!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Marilyn, Glad they got that dog out of that icy water. How sad for the dog....

We drove to Hendersonville, TN yesterday to check on G's parents. Hendersonvile has almost no snow left... BUT--when we got home we were surprised that the sun and warm temps up here had melted alot of the snow (in the sunny spots)....SO--the reads were much better yesterday.

I'm sure it did feel weird not having Market yesterday. Hope all of your ice/snow is gone soon. They keep talking like we may get some more this week...

Have a blessed Sunday.

Gail said...

Wonderful pictures, glad you got to veg out. For someone is didn't "work" today, you got a lot done!

Jean said...

Very...very good photos of your birds!
I'm so happy that the dog was rescued!

Country Mouse Studio said...

It's so wonderful there are people willing to help.