Saturday, January 8, 2011


Woke early trying to decide whether to venture out to market or not. The snow overnight was a light dusting but the temperature is 18 degrees so any moisture on the roads is ice.
Talked to a friend who lives farther up the mountain than me and she said it is pouring snow at her house this morning with about 2" already on the ground.
Hubbie and I decided to venture out as the sun broke through the clouds.
I hadn't been at market long when I got a call from daughter who had left early for a youth b-ball game at 9 am and was just getting back home. She said it was now pouring the snow at our house and there was almost an inch already. Too late to turn back now !!
We hoped the passing snow band would soon pass the area and when closing time came the roads would be dry and clear. And sure enough the snow finally reached town and it snowed for quite a while before it passed on through.

Market was very slow today but I sold several cakes and 1 of son's wind chimes that he made yesterday.

Mostly it was a waiting game and I really didn't have the desire to crochet tops on towels today like I normally do on slow days.Just watching the few customers milling around provided my entertainment today.
Besides with 2 layers of clothes on hoping to stay warm I didn't feel like moving around to much.

The order I had got picked up and I decided to make an early exit and head over to the bird seed sale at Ace hardware before meeting Hubbie and daughter at Sam's Club to do some stocking up on supplies for the big storm.
It has gradually gotten colder as the day wares on today, the thermometer in my van said 29 as I headed home.
After unloading the van and the groceries Hubbie and I had a little time to relax before chores that needed to be done early tonight as this is our church staff dinner night.
Each year the pastor of our church takes the entire staff out to a local restaurant for a dinner of our choice for his Christmas present to us.
Tonight we went to the Messaluna restaurant on Main street down town.
I had the oven roasted chicken breast with fig honey and other things I couldn't pronounce with it and it was delicious, I mean plate licking good and that is special coming from someone who won't go out to eat much because I get aggravated with the high price for food that it is not good.
Hubbie had the rib-eye with vegetables and mashed sweet potatoes and he also said it was one of the best steaks he had ever had.
We even had dessert, I had tiramisu and he had cheese cake, yummmmy,I'm still licking my lips !!!!
There was also the great fellowship with my fellow Jesus followers, which is always a blessing.
It made braving the cold and windy evening well worth it.
Thanks Pastor for a wonderful evening.
Back home we both headed for our relaxing poses, me on the couch with my 4-legged kids and Hubbie in his recliner.
Nothing worth watching on TV but the fire in the wood stove was relaxing and warm with the outside temperature already at 14 at 11:00.
I want to get the rest of my favorite bird pics from the last snow storm on tonight so I'll be ready for more pictures in the next snow.Couldn't have a bird picture post without my favorite Dove pic.
Song Sparrow puffed up against the cold.Taking shelter.Starling corn ?????Full table!!
Stacked up !!

As I headed out to do chores I noticed the feeders were very crowded this evening with birds stocking up for the cold night ahead. I also noticed some little birds are using the bird nesting houses for shelters at night which is a good thing. I saw 2 Nut Hatches go into 1 little house,how smart is that?
I'm off to bed tonight not expecting any surprises in the morning hopefully.
Thanking God tonight for my wonderful church family and sending prayers for the birds, animals and people who are outside on this very cold night,may they be blessed with the warmth of God's love.
Good Night and God Bless.


Gail said...

"May they be blessed with the warmth of God's love."


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Cold and snowy here also, Marilyn. It was about 5 degrees this morning when we got up... AND we have about 2 inches of snow still on the ground --with another big system coming tonight and tomorrow...

The little chickadees are using the bluebird house for shelter. I've been them go in and out... I worry so much about them in this frigid weather.

The birds LOVE that headed birdbath.. They don't bathe in it in this weather --but do drink alot of water, which they need.

Love that windchime. Hope you sell alot for him...

Your bird pictures are similar to mine...

Glad you enjoyed your dinner out last night. Sounds delicious..

Have a blessed Sunday.

Jean said...

I enjoyed reading about your day and fine dinner! Love your bird photos.

Hope this winter storm isn't as bad as predicted.

Stay warm and cozy!

Country Mouse Studio said...

great windchimes, I love the bird photos. It sounds like a wonderful day full of blessing and I hope all the rest of 2011 is too