Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Well my luck ran out on not catching the stomach bug g-son ,d-in-love and both her parents have had in the last week.
I am writing this post on Wednesday night, Feb.2 and backdating it to Tuesday night because I was in no shape last night to write anything.
Yesterday morning started pretty normally although I did not feel quite right in my stomach.
I had a buyer come for the silkie pairs I had advertised. I was hoping they would also buy an older rooster I had for sale also but no luck.
I managed to get in some laundry and housecleaning along with a trip to the dentist.
It had been raining lightly all day and it was a hairy drive down the mountain to the dentist in the pea soup thick fog.
Thankfully I made it down there and back. On the way home I got really thirsty and stopped at a convenience store for a Dr. Pepper. Drinking this on the way home I realized my stomach was not well at all and by the time I got home I hit the couch and there I stayed for the evening,that is except for the numerous trips to the bathroom.
I have a hyperactive vagel nerve and throwing up is definitely not one of my favorite things to do as I pass out when I gag.
#1 son had some nausea medicine from his ordeal this summer and hubbie went over to get me some of it.
This stuff was like a miracle for me as it settled me right down and I was able to sleep for about 5 hours before waking to take some more of the medicine,went right back to sleep.
It rained very hard at times during the evening but the temperatures are supposed to stay in the upper 30's tonight.
For me not a very good start to a new month.
Thanking God for a safe foggy drive and a shortened sickness.

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