Saturday, February 19, 2011


Market was better today than in the last couple weeks but still not many people coming through. I couldn't blame anyone today for staying home and getting outside in this not quite as nice as yesterday but still nice weather.
The high today was 62 with a brisk breeze that made it feel much cooler but the sun was bright.
After market today I made a stop at Walmart to see a friend of mine who had called earlier in the week and said she had something for me at the vision center in Walmart where she works.
A couple weeks ago she came over to gather some clippings off my curly willow tree to make flower arrangements for her sister's wedding.
She tried to pay me and I said no way as she is a special friend and helped me make arrangements for my after rehearsal dinner when #1 son got married.
She is a crafter,artist, dollmaker and very talented at all she does so I was excited to see what she had for me.An extra arrangement she made for me is so pretty and just right up my alley. She knows what I like for sure.
This is now the center piece for my sunroom table and I love it, thanks Pam ,you shouldn't have,but I'm glad you did,hehehe.
An accident in a neighbor's yard just before lunch that cut a power pole down cut our power off for the day.
Hubbie after checking on the elderly neighbor when he came home from market has been working outside all day.
When I got home he was ready to call it a day from clearing more brush from the hill in front of the house so as we were still without power we decided to make a trip to Sam's Club while we waited.
We took our cold things to #2 son's house and put them in his freezer.
Finally at 5:00 the power came back on, just in time to catch the second half of UNC/Boston College b-ball game, UNC won by 2 points,whew!
Daughter has spent the afternoon at Urgent Care getting a throat culture checked. The test was negative but the doctor said her throat looked so bad he gave her a prescription for a Z-pack. She came by to pack for a dog-sitting job and she looked like she didn't feel well at all.
All the kids at the school where she works are getting the flu so she was glad to hear she didn't have that after she did have her flu shot.
Her and Hubbie always get the flu shot as they are around kids all the time. I had a flu shot one year and it had a reverse effect on me , I stayed sick for months afterward. My doctor said with my screwed up immune system it could have had a reverse effect.

We had supper tonight of a Boston Butt we bought from one of our neighbors who does BBQ catering. When he gets a job and has room on his grill he will put extra Butts to sell on there and we bought one with a pint of his special sauce. We actually got it for Sunday Lunch but we had to sample it tonight,ymmmmy.

On sad news of the day a woman was found shot this morning at a lodge she was remodeling.A 53 year old active church member and prominent business woman was found by her daughter when she didn't show up for a charity event this morning. There is not very much info being released about her death but the sheriff of Polk county said if this is a homicide it will be that counties first in at least 5 years. She is the niece of a couple that used to have a market table right across the isle from me.

News on the huge fire in Judes Gap is better today,although 1500 acres have been or are burning still they feel they have it 90% contained.

I'm sure this is wonderful news to anyone who lives in the area and for those of us who have smelled smoke for days. However having it contained does not say it will go out anytime soon I'm sure.
The air is very dry and the dew point was a low 4 today.

All is in God's plans for us and we are so blessed to be in His wonderful caring hands.
Good Night and God Bless.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Marilyn, Your gift arrangement is gorgeous... I know it looks pretty in your home.

Sorry about your power outage.. Glad your electricity came back on though before dark...

It saddens me when I hear about the forest fires... Hope they get it 100% contained soon.

We missed all of the winds --but had a cool and cloudy day here yesterday. No rain though --and we need some!!!

Have a wonderful Sunday.

Gail said...

With our warm temps, I have noticed people burning. Some have no clue how dry it really is.

Jean said...

You are very talented! I sure hope y'all get some rain.