Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Bright sunshine woke me this morning. It must have gotten a bit colder than they predicted because there was a skim of ice on all my water buckets this morning.
After chores I had my floors to clean,this is working better by doing the floors on a different day than the rest of the house cleaning.
I finished before lunch and made a cake delivery and picked up #1 son's blood thinner at Ingles along with a handful of groceries we needed and a salad for lunch.
Now that I have something to chew with even if it's not right it still feels good to be able to eat whatever I want.
The sunshine outside was a little disceiving this afternoon as the wind made it feel a lot cooler than 60 sunny degrees.
I wore a coat while I went outside to start on clearing a thicket in front of the house which is a part of the project we started back in November and includes moving Hubbie's shop.I want to leave these large trees but all the privet bushes and vines need to be gone before they get green leaves all over them.
I did a lot of clipping today but will need Hubs and his trusty chainsaw for some of it. I want to be able to sit on my front porch and see the highway and our farm pond. I'm looking at a lot of work but I'm up to it and it is very good exercise.

Hubbie came home and took my shears up to prune our plum trees so I decided to call it a day. I had a huge pile of brush and a little pile of brush so I could definitely tell I had been there !
I moved Gertrude the setting hen into her own private house this afternoon,she has 3 big hen eggs and 9 Silkie eggs under her,I think that's all she could cover it gets cold again.
Now we just wait to see how many hatch !!
After a short rest after chores were done we had broccoli and chicken for supper while we watched the news. The news on the large fire close to us is not good.It is now burning over 600 acres and still is not contained.This picture shows the steepness of the mountain sides that are burning.
There is no rain help in the forecast for several more days and the wind is supposed to continue.

Tonight I got started on shredding an old year of tax records.Each year I have made it a practice to shred a years papers before adding a year to my files downstairs. I keep 10 years of records just to be safe and they have came in handy a couple times for looking up things other than taxes.My only challenge in doing this is my little shredder which works great for my weekly shredding duties but this time of year it is not up to the load I put on it. So I shred until it gets over heated and then I have to wait until it cools off then repeat the process.
It is amazing what older papers had your SS # on them if you check so I just shred it all.
Tonight during the shredder cool down wait I also continued with my picture organization.This is the 60's collection. I have identified all of them except 1 and dated most of them.
I am putting these in an album because they will all fit in this one album.
I am enjoying working in my new spacious office.
Both my doctor and dentist office called today and made appointments for next week so at least I get a short break.
Another season of one of my favorite TV shows started tonight Survivor- Redemption Island premiered tonight and it looks to be an interesting season.
Tomorrow is errand and Avon delivery day,I have a long list of to do's.
I'm tired tonight but it is a good accomplished tired feeling.
Another colorful sunset this evening.The night also sported a bright almost full moon,the calendar says Friday is the full moon but it looks pretty full already to me.
Thanking God for the health and energy He provides me with each day.
Good Night and God Bless.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

HI There, We are home after a few days with friends in North Carolina, near Franklin. We certainly do love your part of Carolina...

We stopped by Biltmore on Valentine's Day --and experienced those high winds you talked about... Yipes!!! BUT we had a great time.

We saw sunsets and waterfalls and just enjoyed ourselves all week...

Sounds like you all have had a good week--overall.

Hope you are having a good day --and enjoying this gorgeous weather.

Toni Stevenson said...

I used to shred my papers a year at a time too. But now I just shred them once a week. Saves me a lot of trouble and saves the shredder from overheating.