Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Didn't sleep well last night,kept thinking about the dentist. I finally went to sleep around 3 am. When the alarm went off needless to say I did not want to get up.
But on a farm the animals do not ever sleep in and they expect to be fed at the same time each day.

I cleaned my floors this morning while washing a couple rugs and watering all my plants.
After lunch I got ready and drove back down the mountain to the dentist. I wanted to make sure I was there early.
My name was the first on the list for after lunch. I noticed the bone head,oops I mean, receptionist was not at her desk. When a nurse came out and called the second name on the list instead of mine I could feel my heart pounding, so much so that I looked down to see if you could see it beating under my clothes and at that time another nurse called me back. I had already decided that if I could locate my partial I would pick it up and if I started the long wait process I would just leave.
When I got in the chair the nurse said we just need a quick bite mold. I said it had better be quick since I had to make this extra trip. With a blank look she asked why I said that. As I told her what happened yesterday she got a concerned look on her face and said I'll be right back.
When she left I heard one of the other girls ask for the receptionist and if she was here. I heard the answer that she was here but then the voice lowered and I couldn't hear anything else.
The dentist came into the room with the nurse and ask what happened, as I told him how I actually suggested that she ask him for sure if he didn't need anything while I was there and how she assured me that was not necessary.
Then when she called me to tell me he did need to see me again,there was no apology or explanation just her rudeness when I asked for an appointment time he could honor also.
In my mind an apology yesterday would have went a long way.
He hurriedly made the mold and assuring me that there would be no more hour waits and he would meet me on off days if I needed him to I left feeling better.
As I passed by the reception area the chair was still empty. Guess she didn't want to face me.
I made it back to town in less than an 1 1/2 hours from when I left home, that's more like it!
I got 2 large cake orders for 10 cakes to be delivered Friday so I had to do some shopping on the way home. At least I'll have one bright spot on the revenue page for this month.
When Hubbie came home we went to work a while on the clearing project.This is Hubbie breaking in a new chain saw he bought today. I broke a bolt in my shears so I was relegated to photography for the evening.Clouds that were starting to build up this evening with the prediction for rain chances for the next couple days made for some beautiful pics this evening.
This made me think of an angel gliding across the sky.

A late light supper with daughter and B-friend and then Hubbie to the recliner and I to my picture organizing.
I looked today in Wally world but couldn't find photo album pages,I wonder if these are obsolete now with all the technology?

We watched the UNC/NC State b-ball game tonight,UNC won and it was a drama filled game,not a fun game to watch though.

Feel so much better tonight,think I will be able to sleep like a baby tonight.
Thanking God for His calming hand over my mouth today so I don't have any regrets for anything I said today.
Good Night and God Bless.

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Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Marilyn, Glad you straightened things out with your dentist... Hope you will get GOOD treatment from now on...

We are under a tornado watch tonight... GADS!!!