Friday, February 25, 2011


After a good rain shower last night things are really popping this morning.
The clouds are turning over a gloriously blue sky to the bright sun.
After a warm rain the first blooms I've seen this year are appearing this morning.
The periwinkle is peeking out hoping that this warm weather continues.
Only one little bowed Jonquil blossom is braving the early spring.
Brave Butterfly bush leaves !
To begin my Friday I wrapped and boxed all my cake orders ready for delivery. The first 3 cake delivery was at 10:30.
I came back home and took some after pictures for a before and after look at our clearing job we have been working on.BEFORE ......AFTER.....BEFORE.........AFTER.......

You can see how much we got done and now it is just the job of keeping the brambles and vines from taking it back over that remains.

I made the 7 cake delivery at 12:15 and came back for lunch before taking a couple orders for tomorrow.
The wind is really whipping outside and the temperature is dropping back into the mid 50's so I decided to work on picture organizing today to stay inside.
G-son came about 3 while his dad went to work at church,they are putting up a newly designed piece over the stage to replace this "doghouse" containing squares.Daughter came in to do her baking before going to dog sit and g-son had to stay right by her side as she mixed her cakes.
D-in-love came in with news that her dad is opening a new BBQ place in Lake Lure on the 1st of April. It will give her a full time job plus what she is doing now for him in his other business. She is trying to come up with the best schedule.
Hopefully it will do good ,this is a risky time to start a new business of any kind,but he is a very good cook and BBQ is his forte'.
Hubbie and I debated after everyone left whether to go work at church or just wait until tomorrow night when all this work is finished. He called #1 son and they had worked pretty late and some of the men were still there eating supper so we decided to wait.
I finished putting in order all the 80's except before kids years which would only be 1980 and early 1981.These albums have always been on a shelf in this cabinet in the living room and they will stay there for now.
My goal is to get into the 90's and 2000's this weekend especially to see if anything was going on in February of '91 and'01 at least.
These years will be easier I think because these pictures are mostly still in packs with developing dates on them.
Winter is back tonight as it is supposed to be 28 degrees in the morning,at 11:15 tonight it is 36.
Had a restful day today to end a busy week and am very thankful to God for the blessings of the week and His helping hand in all I do.
Good Night and God Bless.

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Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Marilyn... WARNING----it's 32 here right now... Brrrrr.. After the warmth, this feels downright cold... Hope you don't get it, but you might....

We had some rain --and you saw our Periwinkle blooming in a few spots. None of our Jonquils are anywhere near ready to bloom yet though.

Glad you are getting your albums all categorized. That is SUPER--and a big job...

Have a nice weekend... Another storm is coming on Monday.