Monday, February 7, 2011


This morning was cloudy and cold and the day pretty much followed that pattern.
After chores Hubbie went to work on moving more of his tools to his new shop. I called the dentist and he has an appointment to get that bad tooth pulled at 3:40. He says it doesn't hurt anymore and is just sore when anything touches it but as soon as he finishes the antibiotic I'm sure it will be hurting again.
I put an Avon order online and started cleaning ,I took everything out of the hall storage closet and got a huge bag of throw away out of there. We have a very nice supply of light bulbs since about 5 packs had slid down behind the shelves and Hubbie didn't know they were there !
After doing such a good job with that I continued on into my office (junk) room ! I made a very nice dent in the piles in there finding things that I had just dropped in there last year a little later than this when we cleaned out the in-laws house,opps did I just tell how long it's been since I cleaned in there ???!!!!
Actually I do clean in there every week if you count swiffer dusting all surfaces and cleaning the exposed sections of floor !!
I have to get this place cleaned up so I can get on with my February goals which is dreaded tax time !!!
I had to stop when it was time to take Hubbie to the dentist. He won't be able to drive himself back home so even though they don't have my partial in yet and now say it will probably be Thursday on it, I'll go with him today.
I hurt for him as I sat in the waiting room for over an hour while they worked on him. His teeth have extra long roots and are very hard to pull and sometimes break and have to be cut out piece by piece,yuck !!! Yea I'm hurting for him for sure !!
I told the girl in the office they were going to have to get some different magazines as I've spent so much time in there in the last couple months I've read all they have.
Finally it was done and we were on our way back up the mountain again. I was driving his truck and was trying very hard not to make him sick on top of the pulled tooth.
We made it home and he wasn't hurting that bad at all even thought he feeling was coming back. He is still taking the antibiotic and Ibupropen for the pain and has had a very normal evening except didn't eat supper. He called and got daughter to pick up a milk shake for him on her way home from the gym.
Hopefully all will go well and he'll be able to work tomorrow without any trouble or any more dizziness. The dentist felt like the tooth did cause what he went through last Saturday and that was a relief to Hubbie.
The temperatures have been chilly today only reaching 42 and tonight is supposed to be low 20's with a few snow flurries. Still predictions for more snow Thursday,we'll see.
Thanking God for His loving care and graciousness.
Good Night and God Bless.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Marilyn, We've had a little snow tonight --not much though.. Nashville got more than we did.. That front sorta fizzled on its way east...

Glad hubby got his bad tooth out... Bless his heart...

Hope you all have a good rest of the week.

Gail said...

Glad Hubby got to the "root" of his problems.

I use to donate my magazines to the doctors and dentists so they could have a fresh supply.

If you can bag some of your energy, please ship to me immediately.

Have a wonderful day.