Saturday, February 5, 2011


Woke to the ringing of the telephone this morning,thinking it was a cake order it surprised me when I heard #2 son's voice on the other end.
He said the tree trimmer was already at work at his house and was letting me know he had already payed him and all was set.
It was raining when we went to bed last night and we were not expecting to get this done today so this was a nice surprise.
Hubbie got dressed and headed down to help,leaving daughter and I to handle market preparation.
After we got set up she left to go coach her 3rd and 4th grade girl's b-ball team.
Market was slow today and I was very thankful for the orders I had and for one lady from out of town who bought 4 cakes to refill her freezer and one lady who bought 2 of son's spoon and fork wind chimes which made for a very decent day.
Before market was over I got a call from Hubbie saying he had gotten very dizzy all of a sudden and felt very faint. He has had a toothache for several days and thought that was the problem. Thankfully daughter came in from her first game just then and took care of him while I called the dentist who promptly called in an antibiotic and pain killer.
When daughter had to go back to the school to coach a 2nd game with her 5th and 6th graders #1 son came and sat with Hubbie until I could wait on an order to be picked up and pick up the medicine for him.
So it definitely works both ways to have your kids close by. Yes they depend on us for a lot but at times it is important for them to be there for us to depend on.
When I got home Hubbie was laying on his back in the floor keeping his eyes shut.
He started to sit up and slowly made his way to the recliner were he took the medicine and then took a nap.
#1 son went home and daughter came in from her game and then she left to have dinner with some friends.
While #1 son was here he showed me his autographed cast , seems g-son got hold of a marker and decided it needed some color.
I continually pray that this surgery will be the success story of this ordeal !

When Hubbie woke up from his 2 hour nap he felt quite a bit better and as long as he didn't make any quick head movements the dizziness stayed at bay.
The whole side of his face is sore where the tooth hurts so we're guessing although the doc could tap on it last Wednesday and say it wasn't absessed ,with the significant change in how it felt yesterday we think it is now absessed.
In working all morning continually stooping over picking up limbs to feed the chipper putting additional pressure on it and the pain, that is why the dizziness occurred,plus the medicine seemed to make a significant difference, so no emergency room visit today.

After chores this evening we ate a snack supper since either of us was very hungry. My appetite is a little better today so I think I'm about to get back to normal after my virus.
Man I'll be glad to put this week behind me !
But looking at the weather forecast for the up coming week is a bit scary.Today has been a very nice day after a cold start it warmed to 50 degrees with sunshine.

Tonight was a quite night with both of us just relaxing,not much on TV on Saturday night after our music shows but we built a fire in the wood stove and I love to watch the flames dance around the logs inside.
Tonight I am very thankful for God's love most of all and the health He graces Hubbie and I with.
Good Night and God Bless.


Gail said...

Things are looking up...that's great.

Have a wonderully blessed week.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

HI Marilyn, Gee--you all have had a rough week for sure. Hope both you and hubby are going to have a better week--although some bad weather may be coming AGAIN.

Take care...