Tuesday, February 15, 2011


New day, same beautiful weather, 35 degrees already at chore time.
Housework and laundry day and I really hate to be inside today.
After lunch I finished the housework and while waiting for laundry to finish I went out to sit in the sun only to discover it had gotten cloudy. Not the threatening storm clouds but a solid white sheet of clouds so I came back inside to work in my office.
I called the dentist to see if they could find out why my partial was taking so long,over 2 weeks to process.
They called back and said they just brought it this evening so I dropped what I was doing and headed down the mountain.
What a joke, whoever made this partial was either blind or wants another job opportunity !
The teeth on one side where almost twice as tall as the other side. My dentist was livid with anger at the mess because he said it was all lost work including what he had done.
Because my remaining teeth are actually starting to move apart he went ahead and ground the teeth off the one side and told me to wear it home and eat with it until tomorrow to make sure it is a good fit. I am to call him tomorrow and if the fit is okay he will order new teeth and reset them himself.
What a crazy ordeal this has been.
I made it home right before dark and did the chores while Hubbie and daughter went to Subway to fetch our supper of $5 subs.

In other news of the day the fire I talked about yesterday is once again uncontained as it jumper the lines again last night and now has burned 550 acres and is expected to at least double that amount because it is in a secluded place with steep slopes and can't be reached easily.
This is one of our local firemen watching from the top of Sugarloaf Mountain. The fire is actually in 3 different counties because it is burning where the county lines come together and it extends into Chimney Rock State Park.
Today at times the air here at our farm smelled like smoke and at times thick smoke came down through the bottoms from this fire.

I almost got my office organized tonight, just a few finishing touches and it'll be done !!!
Then the picture organization shall start along with income tax preparation.

The sunsets beautifully on another warm February day.
Thanking God for the wonderful blessings He showers down.
Good Night and God Bless.

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Jean said...

Hope the partial suits your needs. It can hurt until you get use to them.(I speak from experience.)

Goodness...hope the fire is contained soon.

It is in the 60's today. Sure hope we have an early spring!