Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Punxsutawney Phil did not see his shadow today so his prediction is an earlier spring.
Our local groundhog Nibbles the Woodchuck didn't see her shadow either so maybe spring is right around the corner.
Feeling very groggy for most of the morning I pretty much slept until noon. The anti-nausea medicine finally caught up with me,making me almost incoherent to even talk to.
Hubbie came in for lunch with a grilled cheese sandwich from Sonic which I love and some fries. I knew I'd better eat something to get back into consciousness of the world around me.
I felt much better after that and still on the couch managed to just doze the afternoon away until Hubbie got off work early to take me back to the dentist for today's appointment. He had a toothache last night that he was wanting the dentist to check out anyway and didn't think I should try that long drive by myself.
When we got back I did the evening chores,ate supper and was back on the couch, I'm not sick anymore but I do feel like a big truck has ran over me,yuck !!!
The mid-western and north-eastern parts of the country are battling a record breaking snow and ice storm.Snow drifts up to 5 feet with ice covered roads underneath made traveling impossible.How much snow??????
Maybe next time we get 10" of snow I shouldn't complain !!!
Our weather today has been pretty good with temps in the low 40's and windy, but we'll take it.
Off to bed early tonight to hopefully help me feel back to normal in the morning.
Glory be to God this evening.
Good Night and God Bless.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Sorry Marilyn that you had the 'bug'... Those kind of bugs usually make their way through families... Hope your No. 1 son is okay... I think you said that he has surgery today.

We (you and I) got lucky with this latest storm, didn't we? They say now that another one is coming--but we may just get rain....?????? Who knows!!! ha

Take care of yourself.

Gail said...

Pleased you are safe and feeling better...may both continue.