Monday, February 28, 2011


Woke to a cloudy,dreary day. After chores Hubbie left to get a haircut and I decided since February is, after all what I call my "tax month" I would spend at least the last day working on taxes.
I gathered all #2 son's and daughter's info and started figuring.
Hubbie came home and worked a little while on the hill brush clearing project before the rain started.
We are under a tornado watch for the entire afternoon.
#1 son has to go have another cast put on his foot as the old one is breaking apart so he brought g-son by to spend the afternoon.
We practiced baseball for a few minutes until he lost interest which is typical at 4 years old.
His first practice is tomorrow afternoon,can't wait to hear how it goes,and no I won't be going because I think the less distractions he has the better off he will be.

In the early afternoon the sky started to get very dark as the storm clouds boiled.

The storms were strong today,it is rare that we have lightening and thunder in February.

This was looking through the rain toward the road.

Luckily for us the worst of the storms missed us to the south and we are thankful.
By chore time this evening the rain,wind and thunder were a memory except for the muddy ground.
G-son went home and I went back to my taxes. After all the interuptions of the day I finally finished daughter's and am waiting on son to find the answer to one question and his will be done. Only ours hasn't been touched yet and since we have to pay I'm in no hurry.
It's hard for me to believe this is the last day of February 2011. As I looked back over the months photo's I understand why in years past there were no February pics because this month just kind of slips by. This year it has been a very uneventful February.

We had one dusting of snow at the beginning of the month.
Then the spring and almost summer temperatures invaded and stayed for the remainder of the month, bringing clear skies and swollen buds on all the trees and flowers.
It has been an ideal month for outside work and we have gotten everything pruned and have cleared the hill in front of the house in continuation of our front yard clearing project.
I have made numerous trips to the dentist and still have not finished with getting my new partial finished.
I still haven't finished with the OB doctor either on a hopeful surgery dodging solution.
I am hoping to finish both of these issues the first week of March as I have appointments already set up.
This month has also seen some furniture re-arranging and picture organization.
#1 son had another surgery on his ankle which seems to be helping,but it's still in a hard cast so it's a wait and see game now.
#2 son made a trip to Florida to spend a couple days with a classmate friend from high school.
Daughter is a single woman again after deciding things were not going anywhere with the b-friend of the last several months.
Hubbie had a scare with a really bad tooth and had to have it pulled,he also found out his cholesterol is fine but his blood pressure is a little high so we are checking it daily to see if it stays high and so far ,prayerfully it hasn't.
D-in-love announced this month that her father is opening a BBQ restaurant and she will be going back to work full time in April.
G-son is growing like a weed, he brought us a gift of a stomach virus home from his preschool but he got the worst case of it staying sick for almost a week. He is signed up to play on a 4-year old base ball team.
Seems to always have a smile whether riding with Pawpaw.......or
with Neena .........and especially when he sees what Aunt T got him for Valentines Day.
All in all this has been a very good month for getting alot of work done and enjoying the warm weather.
If the weathermen are right March is going to come in like a lamb tomorrow,so look out !!
Thanking God for the many blessings of the past month and praying for guidance in the coming month.
Good Night and God Bless.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Marilyn, YES---we did have a mild February, the mildest Feb. I can remember since we moved here in 2003.

We had flooding rains today --but no severe weather or tornadoes, thank God. I'll blog about our flood in tomorrow's blog.

Hope you have a good Tuesday.

Buttons said...

Hello Your photos are beautiful I love the lightning shot and the smiling face of a very happy boy. B