Tuesday, March 1, 2011


After chores this morning I headed back down the mountain to the dentist in hopes of getting my partial. Hubbie said we should go out and eat a big steak tonight as I will be able to chew.
But as soon as I got into the exam room and saw the partial laying there still with wax holding the new teeth in place I knew there would be no chewing for a while again,grrrr!!!
It fit pretty good and now he will send it to the lab and who knows when it will be back.
I started laundry as soon as I got home and was determined to stay busy enough to get my mind off the tooth saga misery.
Housecleaning and laundry continued ,g-son came to stay while his dad worked on a rabbit cage for their 2 bunny rabbits.
He followed me up and down the basement stairs and helped put laundry into the washer as well as helped get the warm clothes out of the dryer. I'm glad his face was clean because every piece he had to hold to his face to feel the warmth from the dryer.
I got a new coat rack put up to relieve some crowding in my coat closet.
D-in-love came after g-son when she got off work and all 3 of them headed off to his first baseball practice. Haven't heard how that went ?????
Tonight daughter fixed supper for us, we had steamed asparagus and a roll up made with avocados,tomatoes,peppers and onions. It was very good.
On the news there was a picture of a house in Asheville where a huge tree had fallen on the garage and totally split it in half during the storms that passed through yesterday.

It was very fortunate that it didn't fall on the house is all I can say,wow !!
After a stormy yesterday it has been very nice today, temperatures in the mid 50's with all sunshine but tonight it is supposed to be in the upper 20's.
After supper tonight I finished #2 son's taxes and ordered seeds and flea drops for all the dogs.

#2 son ,who is 28 years old today.
March 1st, 1983 !!!
I can't believe how fast 28 years have flown by !!

Grateful to God for these wonderful years and for 3 wonderful kids who have grown into 3 wonderful adults.
Good Night and God Bless.

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Betsy from Tennessee said...

Amazing how all of your kids have stayed close to home. Mine are scattered here and yon... WELL--I left 2 of them and some grands when I left Texas. SO--it's probably my fault.... BUT--I wouldn't have ever met George if I hadn't have come to TN...

Happy Birthday to your good-looking 28 yr. older...

P.S. Glad you didn't get any of that bad storm..