Monday, March 28, 2011


No rain this morning but cold temperatures and an eerie dripping sound all around as if ice is melting off things.
There was no ice on the water buckets so I'll assume the temps stayed above freezing for the night.Folks near the Tennessee / NC line weren't so lucky.

After chores Hubbie and I talked about what we could do today since the weather wasn't as nasty as predicted. He didn't want to waste his day off doing nothing, sooooooo.......This is a large Japanese Maple tree that has beautifully graced the front yard for years. When I planted it ,it was about one foot tall, now it is nearly 10 feet.
With the renovations we are doing to our yard it had to be moved soooooo......After about 3 hours of careful digging ,trying to trace roots to get them as long as we could we wound up with this gigantic hole.
After pulling it up the hill to it's new location we had to take a lunch break to recoup some energy for digging another huge hole to put it in.
The planting hole was easier digging as it was in an old chicken lot and the ground was still soft and rich from the manure.
The tree is replanted and prayerfully watered hoping it will continue to grace us with it's pretty red leaves.
You can see it in it's new location behind the back post on the right in this photo of how we spent the remainder of the day. Working until almost 6:00 tonight we removed the roofing from this carport.
This photo was made last November and you can also see the Japanese Maple on the right to show you how big the tree actually was.
Next step is the removal of the old workshop and woodshed.

Daughter fixed supper for us tonight which was a welcome relief and then Hubbie and I both spent the night resting from the active day.
The temperature stayed in the upper 40's all day with clouds and tonight it is supposed to get near freezing again.

Thankful tonight for the health and strength to work like we did today and for a generous supply of hot water for soaking tonight .
Good Night and God Bless.

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Gail said...

Great feels so good when a big project like that is complete.