Monday, March 14, 2011


That is all I'm doing this morning again,grrrrrr !!!! I hate colds !!!!
Hubbie left early on his day off to take the frig to the metal yard and pick up diesel for the tractor.
I did the morning chores and had breakfast while he was gone and was on the couch when he got back.
He came through and then headed to work in his wood pile since it looks like the rain is going to hold off for the day.
I usually have one really lousy feeling day when I catch a cold and I'm thinking today is gonna be that day.
After spending the morning on the couch ,after lunch I decided I had to do something productive with the day even though I feel very lousy.
This is our seed potatoes that are cut and ready for planting as soon as they heal a little and the ground dries up a bit.
Hubbie was going to plow today but it is just to wet after all that rain last week.
My broccoli plants are coming along and some of the basil is starting to come up als0.
Hubbie bought onion sets last week and all the green,lettuce,radish, pea,and kohlrabi seed is ready as soon as the ground is ready.
I'm hungry for home grown produce. We had some kale greens that have perked back up after the cold and snow looked like it did them in ,tonight for supper and although they didn't have much taste they were still better than the ones in the grocery.

I also worked in my pictures again this afternoon and evening. Getting all of 1989,1990 and up to mid-December of 1991 labeled and in an album between sneezes and nose blowing ,I thought that was a pretty good amount.

The news from Japan is definitely not good, along with a tidal wave of more than 1000 bodies washing up on shore this morning, tonight another explosion in another nuclear reactor has released radiation into the air.

Our weather is about to really spoil us ......
How about them temperatures !!!!!!!

Praying for the people of Japan,may they seek comfort in the Lord.

Good Night and God Bless.


Gail said...

Heal quickly.

Wonder how far the radiation will travel?

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Marilyn, We have had a drizzly, cloudy day--but the sun is trying to come out NOW that it's 4:15.... BUT--hopefully, we will warm up this week also and more of our Daffodils hopefully will bloom. They are SO close!!!!!

The situation in Japan is horrible... I just cry when seeing the news... Have you noticed how proud those people are??? They are incredible--the way they are responding to this tragedy.