Friday, March 18, 2011


An almost summer like day this morning.
After chores I headed up to church to work for a while.
The Straightway band is giving a concert Saturday night and are setting up and practicing today so they are going to clean up Saturday night after the concert so today I'm just doing things that need to be done before the concert.
On my way back home I stopped by an Avon customer and dropped off her order from several campaigns ago. It was late because since it came in she lost her husband from cancer. About a year ago he was diagnosed with throat cancer and began treatments which were initially very successful but then he became very sick from them and had to stop so that gave the cancer a leg up and he never recovered. He died last Saturday.
She is doing remarkably well and is planning on staying down here with her sister who is 87 but is in very good health. All her kids are in Erie, Penn and I thought she would be going back up there but she said no she did not want to burden them and felt like this was her home now,at least for the time her sister has left.
After lunch g-son came to spend the afternoon and he watched TV while I baked a couple more cakes for orders received this morning and iced the caramels and chocolates.
Then it was outside for the afternoon, he loves it outside.
The other day I posted pictures of spring growth, today I want to post the many faces of spring..........

In case you are wondering who took the last two pictures of me,it was g-son ,after one quick lesson on my Fuji point and shoot. He also took the two below,he may have found his talent !

Unbelievably centering his subjects !!!
While he had my small camera I had my Cannon and I noticed this guy peering out of the branches at us.
These Brown Headed Cowbirds migrate through here each spring and I always hope they move through fast enough to not cause much trouble to my nesting songbirds.
He is joined by Mrs. Cowbird at the feeder.
These birds don't build their own nest but invade other bird's nest and lay their eggs leaving them for the other birds to care for and they hatch in a shorter term than most other birds so that causes confusion and a lot of unhatched songbird eggs.
They are nice to look at but I hope they migrate on to their more northern range soon.

We've had an almost record breaking warm day today 82 degrees. Wow ! kinda makes me wonder what July and August will bring if it's 82 in March !!!!
But I have to admit it is sooooooo nice to get out in that warm sunshine and soak it up.

Tuned into the March madness tonight of the NCAA tournament to watch UNC win their first game.
Put a few more pictures into albums tonight,I am hopeful to get this job done this month.

Grateful to God tonight for a blessing filled day and ever faithful to be His servant.
Good night and God Bless.

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Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Marilyn, I LOVE the pictures of you and your grandson... He's such a happy little fellow BECAUSE he is in such a wonderful family....Enjoy him now... They do grow up so very very fast.