Thursday, March 24, 2011


Well we knew it couldn't be completely spring yet ! A freeze warning for tonight with temperatures predicted to be in the upper 20's has neighbor orchard growers nervous,especially the ones with peach trees.

Today has been pretty cool around 54 degrees for a high which is normal but feels cold compared to the above normal temperatures we've had for the last couple weeks.

G-son came this morning to spend the day. While he watched TV I did weekly paperwork and payed bills.
After lunch we headed to town to run errands and deliver 1 Avon order. We stopped by a truck load sales place and G-son got to experience Christmas decorations all over again,his favorite was this huge Minnie Mouse.
We finished all our errands and made it home about 5:00.
It is a cool evening to be sure and the wind isn't helping either.
#1 son came by and picked up g-son after finishing his day of work at his in-laws restaurant as they are trying to get ready to open the 1st of April.
His foot was really hurting tonight after being on his feet for the last 3 days. I hope he doesn't over do and mess this last surgery up.

I baked cakes tonight, 3 caramels,2 coconut,2 granny pounds. I looked back at last years numbers for this week and they were about 4 times as many as this year. And that's about how sales so far this year have been going.

Staying up to watch the Duke/Arizona sweet 16 game tonight and right now at 11:45 with just over 3 minutes to go in the game Arizona is ahead by 16 points so I think Duke's season is coming to an earlier end than they expected.

Grateful tonight for blessings of plenty on this day.
Good Night and God Bless.

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Betsy from Tennessee said...

Yes---DOOK LOST!!!!! Thought you would be happy... I'm watching UNC right now, but the game has just started.

What is a 'granny pound'? I have a feeling it is one of those old-fashioned HEAVY pound cakes which my Mama used to make. That is about my favorite cake in the world... YUM...

Did you lose any flowers or buds???? We didn't have any frost--thanks be to God. The temp was in the lower 30's--but no frost....

It rained here this afternoon --and supposed to rain again the next couple of days. BUT-hopefully, no more frosts.