Sunday, March 6, 2011


The finished project at church looks wonderful and today's service was just as wonderful.
On a rainy morning unexpectedly the church was full . Three couples dedicated their little ones to the Lord this morning to begin our service and it just got better, maybe the new cross was a true inspiration, to end the service we had 3 people join our church.

I could hear the rain and wind outside all morning and when we got home the creek was licking the bank tops.I was hoping the water didn't get out over the fresh green grass and thankfully it stopped raining just in the nick of time and the water stayed within the banks.

We had Kentucky Fried Chicken for lunch with some homemade fixins. Their chicken just ain't what it used to be, just doesn't taste as good as in the past for some reason,at least at our store it doesn't.

After everyone left and Hubbie went back to church for a Deacon's meeting I relaxed with my camera in hand and watched all the birds come out to make up for the rainy morning.
This is one of the little Carolina Wrens who sleep in the coconut house on my front porch every night.
I had a hard time getting a clear picture of these two because the wind kept blowing this feeder around.
Mrs. Cardinal braces against a hard wind gust.

Have no idea how I got this to turn out like this ? But I like it !!!

Had 2 of these Red Bellied Woodpeckers come to the suet cake today.Bird watching came to an abrupt end when a small flock of these guys showed up. These Grackles are beautifully colored but with their yellow eyes have the mean look that scares all other birds away,plus they are huge birds. I had to open the door and shew them away before they emptied all the feeders.This job would usually be Annie's but as you can see she was soaking up the warm sunshine so sound asleep I hated to bother her.

I brought my Broccoli seedlings unstairs today as they are already sprouting.I put them in the sunroom and tented the plastic up some so these can continue to grow and the slow spouters can have the extra warmth they need.

Chores were an eye opening experience since winter feels like it has made a sudden comeback. It is 34 degrees and the wind whipping around makes it feel like 24 so I'm not used to this after all the nice weather we've had !

G-son came back up tonight while his mom and dad went back to their class at church.His face is better this evening and most of the swelling has gone down so maybe his eye won't turn black. He is supposed to have pre-school pictures later this week.

I went through my old pictures tonight the organized and the unorganized and found several March photos so the decade pics will be revived this month.
It is 32 degrees tonight at 11:30 and they are warning of black ice in the morning. Our county is still under a flood warning because of the French Broad River until tomorrow evening but out creek had gone down significantly this evening.

Praising God for all the goodness He brings and the works He is doing in our midst.
Good Night and God Bless.


Jean said...

I'm glad y'all haven't been flooded. It is great that your grandson is on the mend.

Super shots of the birds at your feeders. I really, really like the one converted from an oil lantern. Did you make it?

I have a birding friend who lives in Wilkesboro,NC and he always has a Grackle problem this time of year.

Wishing you and yours a great week!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

HI Marilyn, Glad your grandson is better....

Great bird pictures.

Glad the heavy rains didn't dampen your church service...

We are expecting another storm (this will be the 3rd one in less than 2 weeks)... GADS!!!!