Friday, March 25, 2011


A frosty morning greeted me today. The thermometer said 32 on one side of the house and 30 on the other so I'm thinking there was little or no damage to my fruit trees and flowers,whew !!!
I am in a fog myself this morning as I didn't sleep well at all last night,probably only 2-3 hours. I have been fighting a stuffy nose all week,in fact since I had a cold a couple weeks ago I've never got over the junk in my nose and head.
Every time I laid my head down last night my nose ceased completely up and I had to breath through my mouth. I could sit up and it would unstop. In an effort to try not to wake Hubbie I was trying to raise my head enough to unstop my nose and still get comfortable enough to sleep and it was an all night battle.
To top it off I have a busy day planned today.
After chores and breakfast I headed to church to work early so I could pick g-son up from pre-school at 11:30.
On the way home I dropped off an Avon order to a customer who is leaving on vacation tomorrow and had ordered a dress to take with her.
Back home we had lunch and then with the cooler weather we decided to stay inside for a while.
I iced my cakes while he built his blanket tent back in the living room.
The sun came out and the temperature got to 60 but there was still a breeze that made it feel cooler.
We walked around outside and checked on the baby chicks,who are growing like little weeds.
Mama is still very protective of all 5 babies. Little chicks are so cute and so fun to watch as they explore ,chase and peck at any thing that moves .
We came back inside and relaxed for the rest of the afternoon,I feel crappy from no sleep and he seems tired.
After mama picked him up ,Hubbie and I went to church to finish work before the UNC/Marquette game tonight.
Hubbie had brought us the special $5 sub of the month from Sub-way home for supper so this was an easy evening.
As I finished the chores the first rain drops started falling. It is suppose to rain all week end and maybe flood again.
Yea !! UNC won the b-ball game to advance to the elite eight.

Back in March of 2001 we had our own March madness going on as #2 son was ending a great high school season of b-ball.Here Hubbie and I escort him onto the floor on Senior night when he played his last home ball game.
As his teams playoff run came to an early unexpected end he was chosen as one of the best area players and got to play in the Blue/White all star game which is made up of the best seniors from all over western North Carolina to show case their talent in front of college recruiters.He is #33 in his blue all star uniform.
He had already chosen a Basketball scholarship from a small college close to home called Montreat . We visited many colleges that were recruiting him from mid NC to Eastern Tenn but he wanted to be close to home.

March madness is fun whether it was back then or even now when I don't even know any of the kids playing. I love watching basketball and I always pull for UNC mostly because their coach is from this area and came from a humble background in these mountains.

Grateful for the blessing of a sweet g-son and a blessed family tonight
Good Night and God Bless.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Marilyn, I'm enjoying the NCAA also--and was thrilled to see UNC win and also KY (over Ohio State).... Right now, I've watched a great game between VCU and Fl State... VCU JUST won. I was for VCU-simply because I love it when the smaller schools can win. That's our Cinderella team this year... Yeah!

I'm sure you enjoyed watching your son play basketball. Obviously, he was REALLY good. I have heard of Montreat College.

No frost here, but rain... More rain is coming...

Cute chicks.

Gail said...

We are watching the frost...fruit trees blooming, snow peas up, many things in the ground.

NCmountainwoman said...

We're really enjoying the tournament this year. Great games even if you don't much care who wins.

Try some saline nasal spray at night. You can't overdose on it and it really works.

Have a good weekend in spite of the cold rain.