Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Sunny ,warm, above normal, weather again this morning. After chores and breakfast of wheat pancakes with maple syrup which I hardly ever make but I'm out of cereal this morning so I treated myself, I got started cleaning floors.
The vacuuming and sweeping I got done before lunch but decided to wait till after lunch to mop so I could just mop myself right out into the nice weather to sit and enjoy the sun while the floors dried.
Looking around the yard I noticed more blooms today,it seems that each day now brings more color to the yard.This Redbud tree along with a couple others seemed to have popped out over night.And this little beauty is suppose to be a peach tree that we bought at the flea market last spring,mmmmmm, I'm not sure about it being a peach but at least it is pretty.A couple of my pear trees are blooming with one still in bud.

After the floors dried and I put things back in place I took a walk around the lower pasture.The pond that needs to be cleaned out is now full to overflow by all the recent rains. Guess cleaning it out will have to wait.It is so nice to see all the green grass !!The evidence of the recent high waters can be seen on the creek banks but the water sure is calm this afternoon with the sun glinting off it.Sadie was my faithful companion today.

I ran across a patch of these lovely violets.Looking up uses for wild Violets I found an interesting violet vinegar that looks simple to make,but you have to have a quart jar full of violet blossoms. I think I will just enjoy the beauty of these little spring flowers.Our area is expecting some nasty weather tonight. We have been under a Tornado watch all afternoon, although it is hard to take seriously because of the sunshine. This evening it is easier to get serious because the wind has really picked up and the rain is here.
It is blowing rain all the way across the covered porch. The storms are moving fast and should be past us by midnight hopefully.
Today the temperatures again got into the upper 70's but tomorrow we'll have a reality check with below normal temps which are suppose to be 20 degrees lower than today's and tomorrow night it is suppose to be 32, whew.
Watched Survivor on TV tonight and then blogged, as I sit here typing the wind and rain are howling outside at 10:00.
As I looked at the calendar tonight I can't believe we have made it almost through the month of March which usually contains the last of our winter weather.
I looked around at all the plants that have spent the winter in my sunroom this morning and wondered when it would be safe to put them outside to enjoy the sunshine and rain.
Grateful to God tonight for the beautiful spring day filled with His creations coming to life after winter's hibernation.
Good Night and God Bless.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Marilyn, Great pictures of your blooms.... We had a rough day weatherwise. Had a storm with hail this afternoon --and then a tornado WARNING tonight. tornado was spotted not too far from us--but we are fine. We did have alot of rain and thunderstorms. Hope you don't get it tonight.

I have a patch of wild violets also. They are so pretty--but horribly invasive.


Jean said...

I really enjoyed your photos and script. It has turned a bit cold here in GA. Thankfully no frost.
Hey...I have Plenty of those pretty...yet very invasive wild violets blooming. Could you share the recipe for the Vinegar. I knew there had to be a good way to use them.:)
Stay safe and warm!