Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Suddenly awakened at 4 am today with a thunderous roar that was shaking the house and it seemed to go on forever. I jumped up to unplug our TV and computer,living at the top of a hill on the end of a power line does have it's disadvantages as lightening has struck our house and ruined many electronics in the past.
Blinded by another flash of lightening I hurried back to hide under the covers until the storm passed.
Unbelievably Hubbie was still snoring !!
My 4-legged kids,especially Bernie was afraid of all the lights and noise and joined me under the covers.
Thankfully the storm passed quickly and judging by the time distance between lightening flash and sound of thunder it stayed several miles to the west of us but we got really hard rain for a while .
The scanner was alive with fire calls to a house that had been struck and was on fire just on the other side of the interstate from us.
It didn't take me long to get back to sleep after all the noise subsided and the rains let up.
This morning they said our county got between 1/2" to 1" of rain out of that one storm.

Thick fog greeted me at chore time with misting rain. I guess this is going to be the norm for at least today.
I watered things in the greenhouse, I think if the 10 day extended forecast looks okay I'll take them out of their warm winter home this weekend.
The rose that I put in there is almost touching the ceiling and is ready to bloom.
All the herbs growing make it smell so good in there.

Back in the house I cleaned floors and sat a few plants outside to catch some rain showers before I bring them back in tonight as the nights are still getting into the 30's.

I bought these 2 ferns last spring and they have loved being in the sunroom all winter.This one was on the end of the room that is about 4 feet up in the air and obviously was colder than the other end that is on the ground. Although living it didn't do as well.

This Citronella plant also has thrived very well inside all winter,it smells just like citronella and works well to keep the mesquitoes at bay.
Several other plants have wintered in the sunroom,I'll show later how well they did.

G-son came after pre-school to spend another dreary afternoon with me.
We've put puzzles together and played with foam blocks to ward off the boredom.
Then we made a tent from blankets and pretended to hide from monsters,love his imagination.
After Hubbie came home from work g-son took him to play with him in his playroom for a while and I relaxed and enjoyed bird watching .Mr. and Mrs. Brown Headed Cowbird have dinner together this evening.Taking Aim !!! Mr. Red Bellied Woodpecker enjoying a suet dinner.Thankful for Mr. Eastern Towhee and all the Sparrows that glean all the dropped seed off the ground under the feeders.
All the birds seemed to be really hungry this evening,you think they may have heard the weather wizards say the "snow" word for tomorrow night?????? Yeah, 30 degrees and sssssnow?????? Well you know what they say about March,if it comes in like a lamb,(which it did) then it will go out like a lion !!!!

Spent the evening playing imagination games with g-son. He got play with his aunt T also this evening as daddy worked late.
#1 son came to pick him up and watched Survivor with us before they left for home.

God is good all the time,all the time God is good.
Good Night and God Bless.

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