Thursday, March 17, 2011


My g-son wanted to know when Spongebob's day was since this is Patrick's day ????????

Up early to start a busy day. It is beautiful and warm this morning after a cold start.
After chores I went in to start my book work when #1 son buzzed up in the yard to use the bathroom,his power is out again as they are back working on the pole again this morning.
I worked on paying bills and weekly paperwork all morning.
After lunch I headed out to meet an Avon customer to drop off her order, then to the vet's office to pick up heart worm pills for Flash (#2 son's basset) and drops for Dolly's eyes.
I ran my regular errands ,making a couple empty Avon stops as the customers weren't there and picking up baking supplies and groceries. I made it home about 5:00.
Checked on #2 son who is home from work again today, he is getting better thankfully.
The temperature got to 70 degrees today,so nice,I just hope it isn't completely fooling us!

The news from Japan keeps getting worse, coupled with the very real threat of nuclear reactor meltdowns and fast spreading radiation the weather has turned nasty with cold temperatures and snow.
This is double bad as it hampers rescue efforts plus makes it harder for any survivors still trapped in the rubble to stay warm. Earlier this week they found a 4 month old baby still alive and healthy crying deep within the rubble and pulled it to safety.
These people need our prayers desperately. They pride themselves in being a strong people but this is forcing many to their breaking point.

Everything gets repeatedly scanned for elevated radiation levels.

There is a mass exodus of people leaving the entire country of Japan. The lines at the airports are days long even in cities that are far away from the effected areas as the people no longer feel a safe distance away from the radiation cloud.
The United States is putting up extra radiation detectors along the west coast and in our off shore properties but are not expecting unhealthy radiation levels to reach this far.
People are making a run on potassium/iodine pills, but are being warned not to take them unless it becomes an emergency situation because the side effects of these can be gruesome. I will put my faith in God ,not pills and pray.

As I gazed up at the beautiful full moon tonight after finishing chores I thought about how lucky I am to go inside my warm comfortable house tonight with plenty of food and water and sit down in the lighted room and know that my family are safe.
The sobbering thought that at any moment of any day a disaster can take our normal lives and flip them totally upside down just as it dad in Japan is a cause to drop to our knees in thankful prayers for each day of normalcy we live.

Good Night and God Bless.

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Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Marilyn, Yes---the situation in Japan is horrible. I admire those people so much. Can you imagine NO looting??? That wouldn't happen in our country unfortunately. We could learn from them.

I wish people in this country would quit thinking about themselves --and help the people of Japan first...