Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Another dreary morning,no rain just cool temperatures,35, and plenty of clouds.
As I fed my chickens this morning I thought how they must long for some warm sunshine.

Back inside and after breakfast I started the laundry and house cleaning for this Tuesday.

I can't believe March is almost over and spring has to be right around the corner. Overall we have had a milder winter than last with all our snow this year coming in December and January.

G-son came right before lunch to spend the afternoon here while daddy helps his in-laws with their restaurant renovations. They are scheduled to open Friday for a busy weekend of trout fishermen as that is also opening day of trout season and they are located on the Rocky Broad river, a popular fishing spot.

G-son is in a construction mood today also and has been building towers with his foam ABC blocks between running up and down the stairs helping me with laundry.

I am fussing at my washing machine today as it is taking forever to get water into it. When Hubbie gets home we will check the screens in the hoses,I'll bet they are stopped up. At least I hope its that simple of a fix !!

D-in-love came in tonight with a new friend. She is an animal lover like the rest of us and can't stand to see a dog in the road that might get run over.
About 2 miles before home on the road we live on there was a young male beagle in the road,she stopped and the dog ran to her .
When she got here Hubbie went with her and they went back and knocked on some doors but no one knew the dog. At the local fire station the guys said the dog had been running up and down the road for about 30 minutes. Sounds like some one might have set the poor dog out. My cousin who lives near there said she saw the dog but didn't know it either. Poor little fellow was very scared at all the riding around so Hubbie put it the lot with his 2 beagle girls when they got back . Both Hubbie's girls are fixed and the new friend is also neutered so no worry of puppies. We will have to have it checked for an ownership chip tomorrow.
Many of the dogs we have had over the years have been strays. Sometime when you show them love that they have never had it makes them amazingly loyal to you.Our beloved Bernie came to us after daughter found him running in the road on her way home from work one day.

Sad news from Japan keeps coming each day as the death tole rises. Typically they cremate all dead but that cannot be done quickly enough now so temporary mass graves are being dug to bury the 1000's of casualties with the agreement that these lost loved ones will be dug up ,cremated and placed with family within 2 years.

Everyone is wearing mask to keep out the offensive smells and I'm sure the radiation which is still leaking.
That radiation has made it all the way here since it began leaking. The detectors at several sights around the WNC mountains and upstate SC have detected elevated levels of Iodine in the atmosphere but they are not any where close to being harmful.
I just pray that get those leaks stopped soon.

I'm longing for some warm sunshiny weather for a change. I think I got spoiled with all the nice weather over the last several weeks and now when the temperature is normal and below it hurts worse. I have just shivered at times today in the cool dampness , although it did get to 50 degrees today the sun never made it through the clouds.
It is supposed to start raining tonight and continue for the next couple days,yuck.

Thanking God for day filled with undeserved blessings.
Good Night and God Bless.

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Gail said...

I find the need to correct the words "undeserved blessings". Forgive me, but you give to so many every day, completely, without expecting anything back...your blessings are well deserved and may they continue and multiply.