Sunday, March 13, 2011


When I first woke up this morning I felt really lousy. As I attended to the morning chores I remembered that I hadn't eaten any supper last night and maybe that was adding to my misery.
So I fixed a big bowl of Strawberry Fields cereal with extra fresh strawberries and had a cup of hot tea.
Sure enough I felt almost normal with something in my stomach.
Hubbie had gone on ahead to teach daughter's Sunday school class as she is out of town visiting friends this weekend.
I made it through church without so much as a sneeze.
Everyone made it to Sunday lunch except daughter who is on her way home .
As the afternoon wore on so did my cold ,I managed to help Hubbie get my new basement refrigerator that was delivered early this morning set up and get the old one out so he can haul it to the salvage metal place in the morning before collapsing on the couch.

I have pretty much spent the whole evening on the couch snuggled with my 4-legged kids to keep warm.
This has been a beautiful day to have not felt like being outside, sunny and almost 70.
Had a visit from my cousin tonight bringing some copies of old pictures of my mother's family which will be another post when I do a little research and get some more info and dates.

Speaking of old photos, it's time for the 1971 March decade pics....
As you know if you have followed my blog long I played high school basketball all 4 high school years. The first 2 years we were young and didn't win many games but by my junior year we were very good.
The season ended the last of February and this is a news article published in the local paper that I overlooked last month .

I am on the left front #31,the one with the skinny legs !!
My basketball years left some lasting memories,some good , some not so good but they have stuck with me over the years.( just ask my knees and ankles !!!)

We did manage to watch the ACC tournament championship between UNC/Duke which Duke ran away with.

The news from Japan still is not good as they are still working to stabilize those 3 nuclear reactors and bodies are starting to wash up on the shore as now they are expecting the death tole to reach 10,000 or more. Many people are testing positive for radiation.
However there is some fascinating stories of survival , one being a man found 10 miles out st sea still hanging onto the roof of his house.
A lady in our church has a brother over there and he is okay and says that the Japanese people are amazingly calm during all this and there is absolutely no looting or crime going on now. His statement was, if he had to be somewhere in the world when something like this happened, Japan was a good place to be !

Double yuck tonight, if I've sneezed 1 time this evening, I've sneezed 1000 times and tonight my nose feels like a hot poker.
Good Night and God Bless.

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Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Marilyn, Poor baby--please take care of yourself. I watched UNC/Duke today... Sorry UNC didn't win. But--they got a good seed in the tournament.

My football team (TN) made it barely --but even if they win one game, they will have to play Duke... Yipes!!!!

The Japan tragedy is horrible. Just makes me cry!!!

Neat that your little high school basketball team did so well.... Thanks for sharing.