Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Brrrrr!!! 28 degrees this morning !!
I was out early to check on the chicks,hopefully Gertrude kept them close under her warm feathers last night.
Sorry about these blurry pictures but it was hurry up and shoot before the curious little ones drew their heads back in to hide.
2 little heads were peaking out as I opened the door 1 black, 1 gray.

Then out popped this little speckled beauty who got intensely grunted at by mama.
I spent most of the morning getting a light in their house to help mama with keeping them warm during these cold nights.
I also put a thermometer in just to check to make sure it didn't get too hot in there.
But with clouds soon covering the sun I didn't have to worry about that,glad mama's body is so warm.
Baby chicks are so cute and I think this mama knows it. I picked her up this evening and she still only has the 3 that have hatched so far out of about a dozen eggs.
Hubbie is going by the feed store early in the morning to see if they have any pullet chicks that are just in so we can get about 4 to add to her brood.Hopefully more of her eggs will hatch in the next couple days. Today was the 21st day for sitting on the first eggs I put under her and I added some eggs for the next 2 days.

I spent the day doing weekly laundry and house cleaning chores. I changed the water in my fish tank and got reminded it has a light so I've been watching him swim all around tonight.

The weather forecast is worrisome for the next 2 days. With 3-5 more inches of rain possible and a lot of places still flooded from the weekend rain it is not a good forecast.
The French Broad River's flood stage is 16 feet, the river crested at 18 feet this morning so it will still be above flood stage when the rain begins tonight. I'm sure if we get that much rain around our area we'll be re-building fences this weekend. At least it's supposed to be sunny and in the 60's Saturday.(good fence building weather!!!!)
We closed the gate to the lower pasture tonight just in case the rains get here earlier than expected.
Relaxed tonight for awhile before looking to an earlier bedtime again. I'm trying to get ready for this weekends time change. This change always takes me a long time to get used to.
Thanking God for a wonderful blessing filled day and for the wonders of new life !
Good Night and God Bless.

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Jean said...

Awww...I love the baby chicks. Did you ever get a dyed chick as a child for Easter? Just had that memory pop up.:)

We are getting hit hard with rain. I'm not in danger of flooding but others in our county are affected. I'm glad I have the day off and don't have to travel.

Stay Safe,Dry,and Warm!