Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Woke to a steady rain this morning,got soaked doing my morning chores. Still only 3 chicks and 8 unhatched eggs under her. Hubbie checked the feed store for pullet chicks and they only had straight run and you had to buy 6 so we are going to give the other eggs a couple more days.
I cleaned all my floors this morning although I don't know why with all the mud that's going to get tracked in after this rain. At least I got all last weekends mud cleaned up so it will at least be new mud !!
On a nasty day I figured it would be a good day to work on my picture organization project.
Between doing that I watched the creek that runs through our pastures keep getting higher and higher.
About 2:00 it looked like this......
At about 5:00 it looked like this......
It didn't get into the road before dark and our rain stopped about 7:00 but I'm sitting here now and I hear it raining again outside now at 11:30 so who knows what we'll find in the morning.
They had a lot of water problems in town this afternoon and I don't think this supposed to happen to these things.......

I worked in my pictures all afternoon and into the evening,I got all the 80's finished and the 90's all in order ready to be put into albums.

Speaking of pictures, this pic is of me dated March 1961,I remember this dog,I think his name was Shep.
Maybe that smile is because I only had 2 months to go of a hated 1st grade year of school.
I don't remember why I hated going to school so much but that first grade year I shed more tears than most kids do in all their elementary years.
And I remember nothing about learning anything or for that matter my memory is a total blank for this whole school year.

My back is tired tonight from all the picture shuffling and I'm ready for that hot bath again tonight.
Thanking God for blessings and grace in all that I do.
Good Night and God Bless.


NCmountainwoman said...

The sun is actually shining now but we've had tons of rain. Many roads are closed and the rivers are raging. I hope we don't have mudslides as well.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Marilyn, We are home after a few days in Georgia celebrating George's birthday... We had TONS of rain while down there --but it made the waterfall amazing!!!!!

Guess what we found when we got home tonight???? SNOW here.... GADS---guess ole man winter is not finished with us yet....Darn!!!!