Monday, March 7, 2011


Well I knew it was to good to be true ,all this nice warm weather !
This morning it is cold outside 32 at chore time,now I know that doesn't seem cold to people in the cold northern states but after the month we've had of above normal temperatures by 10+ degrees it makes it feel cold when the reality that winter is still here hits.
After chores I came inside and decided to stay inside today and work on taxes.
Hubbie braves the cold better than me and worked outside all day moving firewood around so he could use the oldest wood first.
He did coax me out to hold the end of the measuring tape to see if a double garage would be possible on the upper part of our yard. No there isn't room,even for a single one to be able to drive in and out of each end like he wants to do so we scraped the idea.
Back inside and back to my desk hopefully to find where I left off.

Uhhhh ,yeah, that's alot easier said than done !!!

I stuck with it all evening,only taking a break to watch the news and do the chores.
My Silkie mama has 1 chick already hatched tonight just in time to greet this cold spell.
I have her shut up in the house and will probably put a light bulb in there tomorrow so they can come out and eat in the warmth.
Back to taxes and I finally finished them about 9 tonight and filed them online. Got a nice refund from both federal and state so I'm doubly happy.

Last night when I was going through pictures I came across a picture dated March 1951.
This is Pace road and that mailbox belongs to my mom and 2 of her sisters who lived in a house back in those woods. I also noted that the tracks in the snow on the road are foot prints, not care tire tracks ! Amazingly this part of this road still looks the same as it did 60 years ago except I'm guessing it was a dirt road back then and now is paved.

This caught my attention as a March 1951 item,it is a letter to my dad's then wife from her sister in Michigan. Notice the 3 cent postage stamp !! Also the name scribbled on the envelope with a 3 digit phone number !! My how things have changed !! Sadly this wife would pass away 3 months after she received this letter.

I have been cold all night ,I hope it really is the change in the weather and not the onset of some illness.
I've stared into this computer screen until I'm almost cross eyed tonight with taxes and now blogging so I'm about to sign off for the evening at 10:30 tonight and head to a warm bath and bed.
Always praying for guidance from God in all that I do.
Good Night and God Bless.

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Betsy from Tennessee said...

Three cent stamp, huh???? Gee how times have changed!!!! ha

I don't like this cold weather either.

Glad you are working on your taxes... We finally got ours filed --and will get back a nice refund.

Take care of that baby chick...