Saturday, March 12, 2011


Yuck , I knew I was feeling kinda low yesterday for some reason, and this morning I know why!!!

Another slow market day,oh well I'm getting used to it by now.
After market I stopped for a few groceries and then went to Lowes' and bought a new refrigerator for downstairs. I'm tired of worrying whether that old one down there is keeping things inside cold or not ! They said they will deliver tomorrow.
Came home where g-son and Hubbie were waiting to help unload and then I hit the Airborne ,hoping at least this will make my cold go away sooner.
I layed down while g-son and Hubbie watched cartoons and played with his race set.
G-son has got a continuous cough but maybe it's just allergies. When #1 son got finished aerating his lawn all three of them went outside to practice some baseball.
I don't have any appetite for supper ,I just had some hot tea and moved from laying on the bed to laying on the couch after g-son left.

To make matters worse in Japan today one of the buildings around a nuclear reactor blew up today from damage from yesterday's earthquake releasing radiation and causing a major evacuation. At least 3 more reactors have been compromised.
As the recovery and clean up begins there are many more gruesome scenes.
So far they have recovered about 700 bodies but that total is expected to rise significantly.
The height of the tsunami waves is apparent everywhere.
Japanese made cars will probably be at a premium for a while.
The videos of the water coming in fast and furiously tossing things around like toys is totally amazing to watch.
Makes me so glad I don't live on the coast !

To add insult to injury they were hit with another 6.6 earthquake tonight. Man, those poor people gotta be wondering what is going on.This woman has the right idea. Although Christianity is a minor religion in Japan I know we have a caring,compassionate God who would gladly help if asked.
I continue to pray for these people and also for the people in Hawaii ,some of whom lost houses to the waves that hit parts of that state.

I do not like this night as it is time to spring the clocks forward an hour ,so instead of being 11:00 right now it is midnight,uuuhhhhh !!!!

Good Night and God Bless.


Gail said...

Heal quickly!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Marilyn, Sorry you are 'under the weather'... Hope you feel much better soon.

That tragedy in Japan just makes me cry. How horrible for them. My prayers go out for YOU and for the people in Japan.

Jean said...

I hope you feel better quickly.

My heartfelt prayers for those affected in Japan. This was one bad disaster.