Thursday, March 10, 2011


Well we made it through the rain storm with no raging flood,just water filled bottom pastures. This old Maple tree with all it's pink buds looks grateful for the nice drink of cool water.These Mallard ducks were enjoying all the extra swimming space this afternoon and you can tell by the ripples on the water we had a very windy and cool day with temperatures staying in the mid 40's.Mrs. Gertrude had another little yellow babe this morning.That makes a total of four,she still has 7 unhatched eggs but I'll be surprised if any more hatch out as she is staying off the nest more and more caring for these 4 .
I just love the mothering abilities of these Silkie hens.

I spent the morning on weekly paperwork,bills and getting ready to pass out my Avon notices. The ones that say no more brochures, only online sales. We'll see what happens from here but there is no chance I'll make Presidents Club level again this year being $3,000 short with only one campaign left.

I was ready to head out before 2:00 and got all my list done except 2 stops where no one was home, so it was a successful day. I even stopped by Sears and haggled on a new refrigerator but didn't get the deal I wanted. My extra frig downstairs that is about 26 years old is having trouble keeping cold and runs constantly so it needs to be replaced but I can't spend a fortune on a frig that sits in a dark corner in the basement and keeps my baking supplies cool.

After chores and supper I rested while daughter baked and then I took my turn at the ovens.
Quantities are slowly going up with the warmer,nicer weather.

I had to have daughter help me hold Dolly and give her a doggy asprin. She only weighs about 6 pounds but can squirm like a 20 pound dog when you are trying to give her medicine.
This morning 60 pound Annie was bouncing around trying to get 6 pound Dolly to play with her and stepped on her back leg. Dolly yelled and rolled around like the drama queen she is but she hasn't put any weight on that back foot all day. She is totally 3-legged tonight. I felt of the leg and don't believe it is broken,just badly bruised and strained so hopefully an asprin and a good nights rest will help her feel better.Right now she is out like a light in her bed beside the computer.
Notice the ball of dog food that she has in the bed,maybe she is afraid she won't be able to get to the food bowl !!!

It is blowing snow outside and is 32 degrees at 11:00 tonight with winds whipping, winter is rearing its ugly head again.

Praising God tonight for the blessings of today.
Good Night and God Bless.


Gail said...

We needed rain and glad the waters are receding.
Have a blessed weekend.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Marilyn, We woke up to some snow on the ground this morning but the sun came out and it has all melted now. AND--it's warmer... Yeah!!!

Poor Dolly. Hope she is okay. My dog used to take her meds with a wad of peanut butter...

Annie was just playing --but like you said: Dolly is TINY.

Well--glad you have at least 4 new chicks... Hope you get more though.

We saw tons of flooding in GA.