Saturday, March 19, 2011


This morning down town their was a march of the Leprechauns to kick off today's St. Patrick's Day celebrations.
At our market we had green punch and St.Patrick's day cookies for our customers. I took in my punch bowl for them to use,they poured ginger ale over lime sherbert and it was delicious, I drank my share and the shortbread cookies weren't bad either.
I had a decent day of sales today with all the extra people in town.

Hubbie left market to go watch g-son's first base ball game and it didn't go so well,there was a lot of crying and not wanting to get out of the dug out. There was a playground right next to the ball field and being a typical 4 year old that's where he wanted to be.

When I got home from market Hubbie was plowing and discing the garden.It was another sunny 75 degree day but there was thunder in the distance and D-in-love said it was raining where she was making pictures and daughter went to a friends to pick up a bread starter and she said it poured the rain there also ,but we stayed dry all evening.
#1 son left g-son here while he did yard work around his house and he enjoyed playing on the slide this evening.Here I come, you better watch out !!!!!!

After Hubbie finished the garden we made a trip to Sam's Club for some groceries and something for supper tonight and lunch tomorrow as I forgot to go by the meat market this past week.
Daughter has a college room mate visiting her this week end and she is having supper with us tonight.
M has been like a daughter to me since she and daughter went to college together. She used to come along on our week long beach trips and has been here from time to time.
She lives and works in Greensboro as an accountant and just finishing getting her master's degree. She is just like one of the family.
After supper tonight we all had a very nice visit with her.It looks like daylight outside with the huge perigee full supermoon. The moon is closer to the earth tonight than it has been since March 1993 . There was scary predictions of massive floods and earth quakes and all kinds of severe weather because of the positioning of the moon tonight. Scientist dismissed it as unfounded but after the evening of strong storms just south of us I'm sure many people are tempted to believe the scary predictions.In South Carolina just south of where I am they had all kinds of nasty weather this evening.No this isn't snow it's hail !!That's a lot of hail !!!!!

I didn't sleep well at all last night,I think it was to hot,the temperature was predicted to be in the 40's and it stayed in the upper 50's all night.
I'm tired tonight and looking forward to a soak in the tub to relax.

Thankful for my blessings of today.
Good Night and God Bless.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Wasn't that moon fabulous???? I took a chair and sat on the golf course fairway waiting for it to appear... MARVELOUS.

Can't believe that much hail. That could cause major damage....

We didn't get any rain today at all--but it was partly cloudy. Glad you did well at market today...

Gail said...

Fantastic moon! I looked, in awe, here but had no proper equipment for pictures.

That is a lot of hail...glad there were no tornadoes with it.