Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Looks like spring for sure around here this morning. This is the first day of the year for clothes line hanging. It has been nice enough on other days,but not laundry days.
I did month end laundry and cleaned my floors this morning before lunch.
After lunch I headed for the green house to get some early plants started.
I bought premixed seed starting soil.After getting broccoli and basil planted I covered the little pots with plastic and sat them downstairs by the wood stove to germinate.
I took some time this afternoon to sit outside and enjoy this 63 degree sunny day.
In my area the sight of Robins doesn't mean spring is here as these birds are here year round they just disappear deep into the woodland when it gets cold and snowy.
There is several things I saw today that says spring is just around the corner.
Blooming Forsythia....
Sweet smelling Hyacinths blooms.....
Very swollen Lilac buds....
I'm beginning to get a glimmer of hope that maybe,just maybe all these signs can't be wrong !!
Red-Winged Blackbirds are back in the trees and are very noisy.
Gold Finches are starting to show some gold color.
And Cardinals, well they are still brilliant red and this one is very hungry.

I love this warm weather when I have time to sit out and enjoy the birds and their antics.

I came inside to watch the news this evening while Hubbie and #2 son carried #1 son's newly made rabbit hutch to his house.
Then #2 son came in and helped us eat daughter's turkey chili that she made for us last night.
She is on a dog sitting job this evening.
#2 son ordered some shoes online while he was here.
Hubbie and I settled in tonight to watch UNC/Florida state b-ball game which UNC won on a last second shot. Hubbie went to bed and I watched the Duke/Clemson game until the refs blew several calls that helped give Duke the game. It's pretty bad when the TV announcers start talking about how bad the calls were against one team.
I get disgusted when this happens,thinking back to some of the games my kids played in and the terrible calls made be the refs.
I know these guys are human but they get paid to be very unbiased and sometimes they don't earn that money.
Okay, I'll get off my soap box about that !!!
Have a very busy Thursday coming up tomorrow.
Praising God for a wonderful day today full of the blessings from Heaven above to enjoy.
Good Night and God Bless.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Signs of spring everywhere, Marilyn.... We don't have any blooms yet (except Crocus) --but we have lots of budding.... It's been gorgeous up here.

You'll love my blog tomorrow... I spent the afternoon taking pictures.... Tune in!!!!!

Yes--I too hate it when the refs ruin the games... Grrrrrr...


Gail said...

We have signs of spring. Hope the fruit trees wait until all chance of frost has passed.