Sunday, March 20, 2011


Almost late for church this morning,no real reason, just moving slow for some reason.
#2 son and d-in-love had nursery duty but daughter took d-in-love's place so she could play a solo on her violin.
After church we had #2 son and daughter for a quick lunch or cornbeef and cabbage before meeting with daughter's realtor.
We only went one place to look at things and that was a gated condo community just out the road from us and very close to the school where daughter works.This was the pick of the day because of it's location,but we feel it is over priced so we'll see what happens. There are 30 homes in this development for sale right now so I feel these prices should be really negotiable but of course the realtor didn't think so !!!!
When these were first built they sold for under 100,000,that was in the early 2000's then the price spiked to over 150,000 so now it is back down but probably the owners are the ones that bought when the price was high. The realtor lady did say 110,000 might buy this one,I am more thinking 100,000. Like I said we'll see and daughter needs to look around more since today was the first time looking at anything.
The weather today is 20 degrees cooler than it has been for the last several days and it makes it feel like winter is making a return with the cloudy skies and breeze.
The air is thick with humidity but no rain has fallen and we are not expecting any.

In 1991 we had a busy March as we had two birthday parties to plan.#2 son's 8th birthday is on the 1st day of March. Can you tell he was a Ninja Turtle's fan !On the 26th of March 1991 daughter turned 6 years old. I can't tell what is on her cake but I'm sure she picked it out.

Wow, where has 20 years gone ???????

Under direction of our President our troops are bombing the country of Libya today,I just wonder how many places we can start a war with before we lose one??????

Praying tonight that God watch over all this craziness that is going on in the world right now.

Good Night and God Bless.

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Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Marilyn, Your daughter should hold out and get a really good deal.. There are so many houses for sale around here --and if someone is desperate enough to sell one, she should get a great deal....Good Luck!!!

Cute pictures of your March birthday children... I had one born in Jan; one in May and one in July.... The hardest thing for my 'ex' to remember was the days--since all three fell in the
'teen' numbers... Mark's is Jan. 15; Jeff's is May 14; and Bert is July 18.... ha

I truly don't think we can change the mentality of the people in the Middle East, do you???? Wars don't help... They will still continue to kill each other...